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Arctic Kayaking

- Saturday October 6, 2012
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A trio of kayakers brave freezing Arctic waters in Svalbard, Arctic Circle. The boaters wanted to push the boundaries of their sport and spent 12 days in the Arctic Circle doing backflips off glaciers, running a first decent of a 65 ft glacier waterfall, coming face to face with polar bears, etc. 

The kayakers are Pedro Oliva, 29, Chris Korbulic, 26 and Ben Stookesberry, 34. Ben did the 65 ft drop off the Braswell Glacier. Their adventure was filmed as part of a Brazilian TV series called Kaiak on Canal Off. The group had to wear special dry suits to keep them from freezing. You think running waterfalls on a normal river is super dangerous, try running one in the Arcitc Circle. Craziness. 

Check out the story over at the Daily Mail by hitting the Source link below. 

SOURCE Daily Mail
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