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Liquid Logic XP 10 Review

- Tuesday December 11, 2012
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If you're a beginner to whitewater kayaking you have a lot of choices available to you. Especially if you live in a region where there isn't a lot of whitewater right outside your door to hop in.  You are probably going to want a boat that has a little of that recreational boat feeling, but is capable of getting you in some whitewater. Well, you're in luck because the Remix XP 10 is that boat.

Being a bigger paddler at 240 pounds, when I first started whitewater kayaking, I was looking for the most stable boat I could find to get me started. At 105 gallons of volume, this boat definitely had the volume I was looking for to create a stable whitewater vessel. The volume is displaced very well over its 10 foot span creating one of the most stable kayaks a beginner can get in. Heck, the only time I remember this boat flipping over was when i was pulling the classic club boater move of sitting on a boil line having a conversation with someone on the shore.  Probably wouldn't have even flipped then had I not been laying on the back deck.  Which brings us to rolling. The boat is ridiculously easy to roll.  The roll is done a little slower than most whitewater boats, but once it starts righting itself, it will pop right up without much effort.


When first getting in it after paddling a recreational boat, placing the skeg down will give you the tracking that you are accustomed to.  This makes paddling long flat sections a breeze.  It doesn’t quite cut through the water like your old rec boat, but remember this boat is designed more for whitewater.  The first time you pull that skep up you will start to feel what its like to be in a maneuverable whitewater boat. The XP 10 is very nimble despite its size and if the eddy is big enough, you are going to have no problem getting to it and catching it in this yak.

The dry hatch on the XP 10 is a nice addition.  The hatch has a little over 20 gallons of storage space and has more than enough room for a small tent and other supplies if you're doing an overnighter or for any other random equipment you would like to carry with you.  With a little planning this boat is more than capable of a 10 day self supported trip down the Colorado River!  Don't belive me? Check out the video below.  

The outfitting on all Liquid Logic boats is amazing. It is called Bad-Ass Outfitting for a reason. Out of the box you are going to have one of the most comfortable seats available on the market requiring little extra effort to get started. The material is very durable, and dries quickly. Hip pads pop in easily, allowing you to create a great fit within minutes of getting in the boat. Back band is on a ratcheting system, and once you ratchet up, you don't have to worry about it slipping. The foot pegs in the boat are easily adjustable simply by squeezing the lever behind the peg to adjust it back and forward. The only thing you are going to need to get the screwdriver out for is to reposition the thigh hooks, if needed.

Even though I speak of the boat as a beginners' boat, understand it's more than that. It is rated up to a moderate class 3, and more if you have the skills. Because of the length of the boat, and there being no bulkhead you wouldn't want to paddle this boat on a difficult or technical creek run where there is a moderate chance of a piton. Even with that being said, this boat also excels at high volume paddles like in the video above.

A few things I recommend you doing with this boat after purchasing it to get the most bang for your buck. The first thing is to get a thin layer of weather seal for your dry hatch and place a little silicone around your screws. This isn't just something you should do for the XP 10, but all whitewater boats that have screws that go into the boat. I have yet to see a dry hatch that is completely dry, nor have I seen a million dollar yacht without a bilge pump. The next is to spend a little time creating some thigh blocks so that you can rest your legs a bit. I found when I was a newer boater that my legs would get tired sitting and needed a little support.  Futhermore if your paddling deserves a certain amount of luxury, the next video will give you instructions on how to really pimp your ride.

The XP 10 definitely one of the best intro to whitewater boats available, but don't let that tag fool you. This boat is also best known for its 10 day overnight trips that Liquid Logic does during the late fall of the year down the Colorado river.  If you are looking to get into whitewater boating, but you are surrounded by recreational rivers, do yourself a favor and check out this boat.

Looking for a boat a little smaller?  Check out the XP 9 review here.!

For more information about the Liquid Logic XP 10, go to and watch the video below.

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