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High Water Clear Creek TN Kayaking

- Monday December 31, 2012

I was fortunate to travel to the Tennessee plateau this week for a high water Jett to Nemo Clear Creek run with a great crew and my new Jackson Kayak Karma. The Lilly gage was at 1280 CFS and after the confluence with the Obed, it was around 8,000 CFS. This meant it was pumping and we were very excited to catch it at that level as it promised some big water and big fun!

I was also anxious to try out my new Jackson Kayak Karma and it was truly amazing! Stability is just off the hook with this whitewater kayak. I feel totally safe and comfortable in it as I can save myself from going over with just a quick brace. The secondary stability just has to be experienced to be believed. The speed is also great. I could make moves later than I can in other boats and that along with the raised bow allows you to punch through almost anything. You'll see in the video that I got caught in a hole but that was because I went into it with no speed and turning sideways in order to not runover my compadres lol. I'll write up a dedicated review for the Karma soon but do yourself a favor and check one out ASAP! 


Paddlers are Kevin Todd (me with camera), Michael Loftis, Chris Gibson, Ian Stewart and Chelsey Poole.

The rapids in the video are Lilly Rapid, Jack's Rock, Camelback, Wooten's Folly, Focus Falls, etc. This was my first attempt at video'ing with my new GoPro Hero3 and I ended up running out of battery before some of the biggest rapids on the Obed. Stay Right was HUGE and I will make a longer one with some of my buddy's footage as well. Just wanted to get a quick one out for you to see.

This video is brought to you by, Jackson Kayak and The Outdoor Experience.

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