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Liquid Logic Freeride 67 review by Mike

- Tuesday July 10, 2012
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I got pretty excited when I saw the new Liquid Logic Freeride 67.  I had illusions of grandure about how many sweet tricks I would be able to do.  In the end the best trick i could do was keep my boat upright when pulling into a strong eddy line.  Now Kevin enjoyed his Freeride 57, but he most definitely more in the ideal weight range for his boat (around 175lbs).  When you're 6 foot 2 and weight in the 240s, the Freeride 67 turns into this new boat called the grabby ride.  Never have I been so scared of trying to peel into an eddy, cause damn near everytime I went into one or peeled out, it would somehow manage to grab my ass and let me enjoy some quality time staring at the bottom of the river.

Liquid Logic Freeride 67

I'm not saying the Freeride 67 is a bad boat, just not that great of a river runner once you get over the 220 pound mark. Its actually a great boat for those between 195-220 pounts.  If your over 220 it is more of a park and play type of boat and at that point, there are better types of boats than a freerunner.  I was concerned that maybe I was being dramatic, but after talking to other river goers, and watching other big boy paddlers, it only seemed to back me up.  One thing is for sure,  if you're on the upper range of this boats weight limit, don't expect forgiveness like that of a Jackon playboat.

For some more info and specs, go to and check out the video for the 57 below.

Check out Kevin's review of the Freeride 57 here

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