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Wave Sport Project X 64 Review

- Wednesday August 15, 2012
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Ok, so about six months ago, I decided it was time for a new playboat. I had been paddling a Jackson 4 fun for years and it had served me well. I was getting more into playboating and needed a full on playboat. Rather than breaking out my old wavesport transformer I started trying some new designs out. I ended up with the Project X 64

The Project X 64 is a great boat. It has tons of volume in the front but still retains that slicey technical feel. Immediately I noticed how easy it was to get the bow down. I could paddle right into an ender on flat water with no double pump. That's something I couldn't do with the other boats I tried. It did make me think "crap this things gonna want to pearl" but that was put to rest the first time I had it in a hole.

The hull is relatively fast for how short the boat is. It has a great rocker profile that keeps the ends up in the green water until you want to throw them down. The hull is easy to throw around and I didn't feel all the extra volume. Its also a great downriver playboat. It floated me up high and was extremely stable. Considering I had been paddling a 4fun I was surprised to see this thing was just as good downriver.  The lack of a stern does make squirts a little harder to initiate in eddy lines . I almost found it easier to cartwheel into them from the bow.

Now lets get to the interior. It has your typical wavesport outfitting . I like the white outfitting with the graffics. Mine is last year's model, so it did come with the outfitting that's having the pealing issues.  Wavesport is aware of the problem and have made great efforts to replace the bad stuff. I'm in the process of getting mine replaced with the new stuff now. The thigh braces are aggressive and lock your legs in well. The seat is comfortable and the ratcheting back band is awesome. I have to say admit not as comfortable as my Jackson but it's not uncomfortable either just different. The ratchets for the back band do sit a little high and push the skirt up a little but I haven't noticed any leaking around my skirt.

Overall this is a great boat and I would recommend trying one if you're looking for a playboat.  It is easy to get the bow down and vertical but still has tons of pop for loops and other stuff.  The outfitting is aggressive and easy to get tight in the boat without extra outfitting. It's really stable and adds confidence when trying new stuff.

For more information about the Wave Project X models, check out Project X and the video below.

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