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Which Inflatable SUP For You Review

- Wednesday August 15, 2012

The Colorado Kayak Supply blog put up a great article educating people on what makes up an inflatable SUP and comparing several different models.  

Some of the things to consider:

- Material

- Board Shape

- Fins

- Accessories

- Brand

As far as the brand goes, while this is not exactly a head-to-head review of the different manufacturers and their boards (Colorado Kayak Supply is of course in the business of selling SUPs and manufacturer relations is a valid concern) the article does point out some of the differences. 

Some of the brands mentioned:

- C4 Waterman: one of the most popular inflatable SUP manufacturers in the world. 

- Boardworks SUP / Badfish Stand Up Paddle: VERY innovative company who is applying this kind of forward thinking to all of their SUP products. 

- NRS: Amazing company with a lot of great history making rafts, etc. Can really build a stellar product at a decent price. 

- Starboard SUP: Heritage of wind surfing and have Dan Gavere on their team. Dan is one of the most prolific kayakers ever and is an awesome SUPer as well. 

Check out the article over at CKS Blog for more information. It's a great read for anyone in the market.

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