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AT Eddy Flexi Review

- Thursday August 16, 2012
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Recently I decided to drop some cash on a paddle. I had used a plain Jane Werner Rio since I started boating 5 years ago. Over the years with my straight shaft I would notice the inside of my elbows would get sore after long weekends on the water. Sometimes they would downright hurt. I decided to start shopping for a bent shaft paddle. I was looking for a good all around paddle and decided on the Adventure Technology Eddy Flexi-shaft.

The eddy Flexi as I will refer to it, is a great design. It’s the same design as the eddy but with the more flexible shaft. The blades are fiberglass with a partial foam core section in the center. They are Dynell trimmed so they will not where down as quick. The paddle shaft is fiberglass with a carbon braid. It comes in standard diameter shaft with a 30 deg. Offset. It is designed to be a good all around blade shape and indestructible.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the paddle for the first time was the ergonomics. AT bent shaft paddles have the best ergonomics hands down in my opinion. The placement, angle and the indexing are almost perfect. I had tried a few brands of paddles and none felt as natural as the AT. The other thing I noticed was it wasn’t as light as I expected but was extremely well balance and wasn’t heavy by any means.

After paddling with it, all I can say is WOW. This thing is great. I have not felt any pain in my elbows. The blade shape is great and works well when I’m paddling a playboat or creeker. No matter how hard I pull I don’t really get any blade flutter. The paddle is well balanced and feels very light when your paddling. I also noticed an improvement in my back deck rolls offside and onside ( I didn’t have an offside back deck until I got this paddle). Its also very durable. I’ve stepped on it, thrown it around and basically exposed it to my general roughness. Its held up well.

I would recommend it to anybody looking for a great all around or playboating paddle. Its built like a tank and performs like a Ferrari. It solved my elbow issues and has actually improved my paddling. They took a proven design and made it better. Way to step up AT!

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