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NRS Desperado Shoe Review

- Thursday August 30, 2012
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Have you been searching for that perfect, very low profile shoe to use in your playboat or elsewhere on the river? Well, I definitely have and after trying a multitude of different ones, I think I have found my perfect match, the NRS Desperado Shoe.

Now, I'm already starting off positive but let me state that I am not using these shoes for everything. I had a specific need that I know a lot of other kayakers have. You see, as most playboaters do, I try to squeeze into the smallest possible playboat that I can. That leaves almost no room for anything else in the bow but my feet themselves and MAYBE a small Jackson Happy Feet crammed in the middle for arch support. That's all well and good but bare feet against plastic sucks. Pain is a part of the game when playboating but still, I figured there has got to be a better way.

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Enter the NRS Desperados. These are seriously comfortable shoes that have just the right amount of sole to be able to squeeze into my playboat while not making me loose feeling in my foot after an hour. On top of that I can actually walk around on rocks and not pray for the sweet release of death nor worry too much about tearing them up due to their quality construction. You are probably curious as to what they're made out of at this point, so let me fill you in.

The main body of the Desperados are made of 3mm neoprene with a layer of stretchy spandex on them, which helps keep your feet warm and comfortable. They also get a little more durablity in high wear areas with a layer of Toughtex. As far as walking around on rocks, etc there is a 2mm plastic shim in the sole for added protection while still allowing for awesome flexibility. Beyond the padding, the sole also provides great traction on wet rocks. 

Now I'm not saying the Desperado is for everything. For creeking, I use different shoes and I've just received my Astral Brewers so I'm really excited about trying them out. That's for creeking though and some seriously treacherous scouts on sometimes brutal terrain.

For playboating at my size or any other water activity where you would like to have the most durable shoe with the smallest profile, the NRS Desperado Shoe is one of the best. Would be great for SUP, rafting, snorkeling, wading, etc. Do yourself a favor and check them out at Just remember that they only have whole sizes so if you are a half size normally, just round up when ordering.

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