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2012 ICF World Cup Women's Quarter-Semis Results - Pigeon River

- Friday August 31, 2012
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The women rocked it out at the Pigeon River again in the 2012 ICF World Cup Women's quarter and semi finals. Jackson Kayak continues to have a strong showing with the top 3 positions filled with Rockstars and All Stars. 

Claire O'Hara continued to have great runs and posted the highest score with 536. Emily Jackson ended up in a close second with 471. This is looking to be an exciting finals where it's anyone's game. Check out the top 3 results below.


Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Final Score
1 Claire O'Hara #90 536 280 536
2 Emily Jackson #81 471 291 471
3 Ruth Gordon-Ebens #173 356 316 356


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