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Sweet Protection Shambala Paddle Shorts Review

- Wednesday August 8, 2012
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So I was about to leave work and head to our local playspot to do some playboating the other day when I got an IM from my wife. She asked me if I wanted to stop by her work on the way and pick up a kayaking-related surprise she had ordered for me.  Of course that was all it took to convince me and soon thereafter I was looking at a brand new pair of Sweet Protection Shambala shorts! I had been saying I wanted some but had not pulled the trigger because they are pretty darn pricey for shorts at $110 or so. Major wife bonus points! 

The pair I received are the black ones and I have to say, if you care about style, you are gonna be VERY happy with this product. Sweet is known for their quality construction and stylish products and these are no exception. Cool but not garish is how I would describe them. They also come in red, green and blue. Basically the same colors as their latest Sweet Strutter helmet line.

As far as construction goes, these things are bomber. The first thing I thought of when I pulled them out of the box was man, these look like snowboard pants or something. Thick, durable material will help stop any rips from occuring as you scout drops in the underbrush on your favorite creek. My main reason for wanting these though is because of the length. I have a pair of Immersion Reseach Guide shorts with the neoprene layer underneath. While I really like them, when sitting down in a kayak, the fabric pulls up, exposing your knee to your boats thigh pads. After kayaking all day, especially playboating, my knees would get raw from rubbing and pushing on the thigh pad material. With the Shambalas, that is a non-issue. The shorts are longer than most, nearly capri length. The knees are actually articulated, along with the neoprene underneath, so that when you sit down, they still completely cover your knees. Very cool stuff and a wonder no one has thought of it before. 

I just want to say thanks to Sweet Protection. You have managed to make a high-quality short that both makes me look stylish (I need all the help I can get) AND keeps my knees from getting raw while playboating. Now if we can just get more stock in the U.S. and get the price down just a bit, they would be perfect!

Check out the Shambala shorts' page at for more information.

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