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Robson Homes PE Review

- Thursday August 9, 2012

If you can read german, you can skip my attempt to translate the article and click on the source below.  Regardless, do check out the source for the pictures that go with the article!

"Rainer from the Bush paddlers got a boat to try and reason Clement paddling in the rain barrel recently. This requires an explanation.

Robson has proven his Holmes (a Frankie Hubbard published design) now as PE version. Notice advertising the boat is bright blue with red air sacs and reminds you strongly of Playmobil.  That is the impression they wanted to blur now  and has opted instead for camouflage, as they are popular in the United States. I associate with it - especially in PE - rain and tons of compost.

It has the first edition feel - apparently to save on weight - a little stingy with material. This becomes evident when one looks at the bottom of the boat and touched. It is not planned properly and somewhat flabby and soft.  When paddling makes this less noticeable. Clement is also increasingly enthusiastic about the ride. It is fast, easy and accurate response to tax shocks.

Rolling the boat can be difficult. It can probably roll relatively easily, but it comes up inundated causing  the roll not to follow though. This is a little puzzling because really all the water was supposed to run out during the roll. We still speculate about this phenomenon.

The seat system consists of a closed hollow body and a PE-foam lining.On it there is - especially in connection with the Bush paddlers belts - actually nothing wrong. Because I do not want to give up a bulkhead I would leave out the straps. I see opportunities in this boat to install a bulkhead. Also the foot rests must, in my view, be a little modified. They are mounted too high and you can slide even with sturdy shoes underneath. The Bush paddlers have also installed the side and cut the foam padding Thwarts. Despite lacking the PE model Tumblehome, the original tissue from which material ("Low Lite").

Robson is assoicated with the PE boot as a cheap good whitewater canoe. Rainer's balance was at 23.5 kg. I think Robson could still build this a little heavier to create a stiffer hull.The green color I find completely unacceptable(Imagin trying to find a lost green boat submerdged upside down)"

Via the source below.

SOURCE Axel Kühn
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