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Dagger Jitsu at Paddle Expo

- Friday September 21, 2012

Dagger Designer Snowy and James "Pringle" Beddington talk about the new Dagger Jitsu playboat at the Palm Equipment area at this year's Paddle Expo. They explain all the details of the boat, how it came to be and show what it can do. I personally can't wait to try one as it looks like an amazing kayak. Also, the new outfitting that they have come up with looks best in class. The ratcheting thigh support and no tools required seat look especially nice. We will bring you a hands-on review ASAP!. 


To see the AWESOME promo video with Rush Sturges killing it in the new Jitsu, head over to /blog/2012/7/23/new-dagger-jitsu-playboat/

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