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2013 Alseseca Race Results

- Monday January 14, 2013

The Alseseca Race is held on the Alseseca River in Veracruz, Mex. Dane, EJ, Nick, and Clay all headed down to meet up with JK team member Rafa Ortiz and take part in the race. They ended up with an unbelievable showing, taking the top 5 spots. Despite Dane and EJ having the stomach bug the night before, they actually tied for first place! Congrats to all!

Update: Check out Eric Jackson's full run at /blog/2013/1/21/ejs-2013-alseseca-race-run-with-the-jackson-karma/

Race Results:

1 Dane Jackson 0:13:21
1 Eric Jackson 0:13:21
3 Nicholas Troutman 0:13:32
4 Clay Wright 0:13:43
5 Rafael Ortiz 0:13:51
6 Ben Kvanli 0:14:07
7 Orion Meredith 0:14:15
8 Jonathan Cendejas 0:14:16
9 Brett Meyer 0:14:22
10 Isidro Soberanes 0:14:25
11 Mike Gottlieb
12 Billy Thibault
13 Tom McEwan
14 Charles Marceau
14 Julian Schaefer
16 Alexis Pare
16 Francois LeBlanc
18 David Hoffman
19 Thomas Hudson Esch
20 Louis Philippe
21 Oscar Arguedas
21 Sandrine Degline
23 Kelley St. Amant
24 Emrick Blanchette
25 Alex Lee Kilyk
26 Yair Camacho
27 Brandon Jones
28 Francois Tremblay
29 Alberto Rosas
30 Misael Hernandez
31 Eduardo Azurmendi
32 Mike McKay
33 Iker Beristain
34 Vicente Martinez
35 Christian Ivan Laredo
36 Ruedi Gamper
37 Sofia Reinoso
38 Guillermo Guiloche
39 Rafael Aja
Once again, the new Jackson Kayak Karma puts on a great showing, just like it did for Dane Jackson in the Whitewater Grand Prix. Check out all of our Karma coverage here and our Whitewater Grand Prix coverage here.

Check out a vid of last year's race below and we will bring you this year's video as soon as it's available. 

SOURCE Jackson Kayak
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