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Pat Keller and His Neumadic Twin

- Tuesday January 15, 2013
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You have got to see this. Pat Keller's new creation, the Neumadic Twin. As we all know, Pat Keller is an awesome kayaker and all around cool dude. That and he likes to do things a bit different sometimes like running Class V whitewater, switch. I mean, running it is normal is too easy right? 

Anyway, Pat decided to try a new kind of kayak design. Basically he married the front end of a Dagger Nomad 8.5 with the front end of a 8.1, serving as the stern. According to Pat, not only does it run great switch and offer some great back boofs, it is actually great all-around as well. Rather than listen to me though, who has not tried it out yet, I'll let Pat tell you a bit about it: 

"Man it's pretty incredible. Didn't think the Nomad could really get much better but I was wrong. Something in the flatter platform, sharper rails and increased rocker at the end allows the boat to drive far more precisely as you come down from top speed plane to normal flats. The rocker profile in the back end doesn't change (at all) until the point where the rocker rears up steeply so it holds itself well in calm waters at speed - no squat/bow climb as I hammer. Where the normal Nomad can sometimes surprise dart in one direction or another as you come out of a planing situation, this addition allows the input of waist and feet to drive the boat right smack dab where I want it to go. It also seems to drive out of the G-outs far better. It feels like the stern doesn't catch and hang on the lip of ledges and drops, instead the added rocker back there drives the boat thru the troughs of the holes far better and with more momentum than before. The symmetrical rocker also provides a far snappier feel to water based turning than any boat I've felt. It feels like I can drive point and steer from anywhere up on the bow to WAAAy back on the tip of the tail - making the boat easier to control in chaotic times. Like a snappy cambered slalom ski! I was also surprised to find that it sidesurfs out of holes very well. It seems the stern is less prone to snagging as you're almost free - the awful-almost-out-to-spinning-backender. Instead, the stern swoops back into surfing position, making it easier to rock back and forth to get the speed to break out of the hole. Felt great. Obviously it boofs very well. But it's when I turn around and go switch that my mind gets blown. Backboofing no problem. Switch slides no problem (though pinning backwards would still be awful), and planing out and away from bad holes will save many as we inevitably get turned around from time to time in inopportune spots. I'd hoped it would be good enough to pitch to Dagger, and what I found is incredible. Share this around, like post and comment. The more wind we get behind this project, the more likely it is to get into production! You want one? Bombard the Dagger page with Neumafic Twin requests!!! The hotter the fire the quicker we can get it in the oven! Thanks all!"

So there you have it. I have to say that this new boat looks awesome and we can't wait to try out Pat's creation one day soon. In the meantime, share this post, tell some friends and hit up Dagger to make some noise about this killer yak. Hopefully the people will be heard and we'll see it in production soon. Take it easy, SYOTR and just remember... you are not Pat Keller. 

Pat Keller rocking the Neumadic Twin

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