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GoPro: How to Spinny

- Thursday January 17, 2013

Check out Shon Bollock testing out a custom made GoPro mount called the Spinny. As you can see from the video, it makes for some awesome shots. That being said, it does look pretty dangerous and just ripe for a head entrapment so be careful if you decide to make one for yourself. 

This mount will not be sold by GoPro but here are some details about its construction.

The device itself is a 4 foot carbon rod with two GoPro's on either end counter balancing each other while spinning freely on a rollerblade wheel. The specific pieces used are listed below:

-GoPro Handle Bar Mount x2
-4ft Carbon Rod x1
-Roller Blade Wheel x1
-Size Appropriate Screws x4
-Hose Clamps x4
-Hose Insulation (for padding the clamps)
-Gorilla Tape (used to reinforce handle bar mounts)
-GoPro Hero 3 | 2 x2 (must be the same weight for counter balancing)
-Metal Support Bracket (used to mount the bar to the roller blade wheel)
-Plastic Cylindrical Base Plate (used to screw in roller blade wheel and GoPro mount to bottom)

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