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Pyranha Nano on the Green River and Raven Fork

- Thursday January 3, 2013

Pyranha Kayas looks like they have another hit on their hands with their latest creation, the Nano.  With it's shorter size of 7' 4", it is around a foot shorter than most medium size creekers. This allows it to be very manueverable and playful while the 80 gallons of volume let it hold its own when it comes to creeking and running the brown.  

Watch the Demshitz rock it in this video on the Raven Fork and the Green River. Rock spins, freewheels, surfing... looks epic!  

Pyranha Nano Medium Specs:

Length: 7'4"

Width: 26.25"

Volume: 80 gal

Weight: 46 lbs

Go to for more info.

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