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Swim of the Year: Awards Preview

- Tuesday December 17, 2013

You know how the saying goes... everyone is between swims. However , as embarrassing as they are for the swimmer, everyone loves watching people answer the call of the camel. And now you get the chance to vote for your favorite. Check out the preview and enjoy. But don't laugh too hard... your time is coming... :)

Top 5 Swims have been picked so far. They are...

1. Rio Micos Waterfall Ejection - Swim Stephen Kendrick Edit Cole Ernsberger
2. How to Run Triple Drop, RFG - Swim Karl Weir Edit Seth Burdette
3. Triple Drop, EF Kaweah - Swim Burton Greer Edit Seth Burdette
4. Big Falls, SF Payette - Swim and Edit Ian Rubrecht (you're gonna tell us)
5. Swim from Hell, Clear Creek Narrows - Swim and Edit John Hopper 

Vote for your favorite at

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