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Clear Creek Jett to Lilly Race Results

- Monday February 25, 2013
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This past Saturday was the second event of the Plateau Creek Race Series, which is being brought to you by World Kayak, with help from The Outdoor Experience in Cookeville and we here at This event was a timed race on the Jett to Lilly section of Clear Creek, near Crossville and Wartburg, TN.

We had been watching the weather last week with some anxiety but luckily, the Clear Creek area got at least a little bit of rain, which provided a decent water level. With a sense of relief and an abundance of warm sunshine, we once again headed out of Nashville towards the Cumberland Plateau. Things had turned out just right for us yet again. 

Upon arriving at Lilly Bridge, we were excited to see lots of paddlers and boats. I think we have pretty much maxed out the parking there and that is even with people carpooling! Really makes for a great sight. Philip Byard, the Nashville Ambassador for World Kayak, rounded everyone up and got them registered and their race numbers taped on. Philip and I then syncronized our watches and he headed up to the put-in while Patti Ghertner and I climbed down to the finish line to time the racers. 

We had great participation in organizing this event. I am injured and can't compete right now so I and Patti did the timing. My wife Kim went up on top of the Lilly Bridge to take photos. Mike and Neil Ardvison ran safety at the Grudge (race rapid) and took some great pictures. This was in addition to the other spectators and photographers that were at the event as well. 

Like in the first event of the series, the racers coming down through Lilly Rapid made for a great looking finish as they sailed through the finish line by the takeout. The race had definitely taken its toal on the athletes as they were breathing hard and amazed at how warm it was. It looked like a roll class at the takeout as the competitors tried to cool themselves off lol. 

After the race, we all assembled in the parking lot and Philip held the raffle for all of the great prizes donated by The Outdoor Experience in Cookeville. Some of the prizes included Outdoor Experience Nalgenes, Jackson Kayak River bottles, kayaking DVDs, and two brand new, awesome ProTec Old School Wave helmets. Very cool and BIG THANKS to the Outdoor Experience for embracing and supporting the paddling community. 

All-in-all it was another great event for the Plateau Creek Race Series and we just can't thank World Kayak, Philip Byard and The Outdoor Experience enough for putting these events on. A big thanks also to all of the competitors who came out and participated in the race. Not only can you win some cool prizes but more importantly you get to help build our Southeast paddling community and the sense of pride and comradery that comes with it. 


Short Boat (9' and under)

1. Ian Stewart 25:33

2. Jeff Leach 25:35

3. Jason Crummer 25:47

4. Ben Ghertner 25:55

5. Trent Thibodeaux 26:00

6. Will Enochs 26:05

7. Chelsey Poole 26:57 (rocking the men's division!)

8. David Schumacher 27:48

9. Chris Gibson 30:50

10. Philip Byard 33:12

11. Dan Herbert 34:51

Long Boat (over 9')

1. Jim Enochs 24:02 Fastest time!

2. William Taylor 28:25

Click here to check out the article about the race that Philip Byard wrote up on World Kayak. 

Click here to check out the results, photos, etc for the first race of the series, Clear Creek Boater X.

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Photo credits go to Kim Todd, Mike Arvidson and Kevin Todd (me).

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