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Tellico Ledges in the Jackson Kayak Karma

- Tuesday March 12, 2013

With surgery for a torn labrum looming 3 days later, I decided that there was no way I was going out for 4+ months without a final hoorah on the river. So I headed up to the Tellico with a great group of friends and my new Jackson Kayak Karma creek boat. The level was 1.8, the sun was shining and it was the perfect day to see me through to my recovery.

We did stop at Diaper Wiper so we could run more laps and because we were all a little leery of me having to deal with Jared's knee with my shoulder. I was already having to be super careful with it, boof on my offside, etc. If you're wondering why I rolled at around 6:40 in the video, it's because of the bracing I had to do right before that. Shoulder was in so much pain, I just kinda fell over, realized what happened and ninja rolled back up, lol. I laugh but it sucked. Still rallied for another lap and then a third time off the falls though. Not smart? Probably. Worth it? Oh yeah.

As far as the Karma goes, I freakin' love that boat. It is ultra stable, resurfaces well, carves great, boofs awesome, etc. I noticed after dropping off Baby Falls that it offered an extremely soft landing (despite the rather flat, planing hull), was very stable when resurfacing and accelerated quickly away from the drop. All of that along with great outfitting including the uni-shock bulkhead just makes the Karma an all-around great boat. Can't really ask for anything more. Stay tuned for an in-depth review of the Karma coming very soon.

Paddlers were Jay Warner, Katie Summer-Nelson, Philip Byard, WeStroke Team Rider Ben Ghertner, Michael Neff and Brandon Hammer.

On a side note, think we'll be moving to Vimeo. Tried multiple soundtracks but youtube kept denying mobile access to the video due to song copyright issues. Ridiculous.

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