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Rider of the Year III Awards Video

- Thursday March 21, 2013

OMG it's here! The Rider of the Year III Awards are out! This is a 25 minute video of so much kayaking porn it's ridiculous. These guys and gals are pushing the limits of kayaking more and more every year and I can't even imagine what next year's entries will be like. Congrats to all.

Thanks so much to for making this happen.


Rider of the Year - Ben Marr (CAN)
Rider of the Year (Women) - Nouria Newman (FRA)
Competitor of the Year - Dane Jackson (USA)
Honey Badger Award - Aniol Serrasolses (ESP)
Best Trick - Devyn Scott (CAN)
Best Trick (Women) - Nouria Newman (FRA)
Best Line - Evan Garcia (USA)
Best Drop - Ben Marr (CAN)
Best Drop (Women) - Mariann Saether (NOR)
Downriver Freestyle - Aniol Serrasolses (ESP)
Carnage! - Jordy Searle (NZL)
Photographer of the Year - Matt Baker (USA)
Film of the Year - Congo: Inga Project - Steve Fisher (ZAF)
Best Online Film (Long) - Bomb Flow TV "Porque Ganando" - Evan Garcia (USA) and Fred Norquist (USA)
Best Online Film (Short) - Unknown: Aniol - Tino Specht (USA)
Hendri Coetzee Award for Expedition of the Year - Steve Fisher (ZAF), Pete Meredith (ZAF), Ben Marr (CAN), Tyler Bradt (USA), Rush Sturges (USA)

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