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Kayaking Rock Island with the Jacksons

- Friday March 22, 2013

Check out this video about kayaking Rock Island with the Jackson Kayak family. If you have not been there and ever get the chance, you definitely should. Huge waterfalls coming down, world class playboat surfing, waterfalls to drop and more. It really is amazing and a perfect place for the Jacksons to train and play.  

Rock Island is a State Park in Warren County and White County and is located about 15 minutes away from the Jackson Factory in Sparta, TN. The Jacksons themselves basically live in the park. If you do go and check it out, be sure to stop into the Foglight Foodhouse to grab some food. Really nice place with some great food and some good Calfkiller beer. Awesome after a great day of surfing.

Also, about 45 mintues away in Cookeville, TN is an awesome Outdoor store called The Outdoor Experience. Great place and on the way to Rock Island from Nashville, etc. Check out our write up on it here.

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