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Liquid Logic Versa Board Review

- Wednesday April 10, 2013
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This past weekend, my Husband Kevin and I headed down to Murfreesboro, TN from Nashville to review a couple of SUPs. I had never personally been on a stand up paddleboard before and was a bit anxious about it but the weather was beautiful and I was really excited. You may have read about it some already in my Jackson Kayak SUPerCHARGER review a couple of days ago. Well, the subject of this review is the more rec oriented Liquid Logic Vera Board.

The Versa board is made by Liquid Logic (LL) who generally makes kayaks. We are especially big fans (and owners) of their Stomper creek boats and Remix series river runners. In addition, Liquid Logic makes a great hybrid rec/whitewater kayak called the Remix XP, which we also have reviews of in the XP 10 and flavors.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Like the XP kayaks, the Versa board aims to be a hybrid and work for a variety of different scenarios. You can use it as a SUP or purchase the optional seat, which LL says 65% of the buyers do, and use it as a sit-on-top (SOT). To add to this versatility and similarity to the XP series, the Versa board is equipped with a drop-down skeg that is raised and lowered by a convenient handle. This is really handy as you can lower it for increased tracking in flat water and raise it for more shallow fast water. While the Versa is geared towards rec use, it will definitely handle class II whitewater as well.

Versa Overhead Stern
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In my relatively brief time on the Versa board, I was really impressed by how well it tracked, even with the skeg up. Part of what helps this is the 12'3" length. Besides helping with the speed and tracking, this also gives you plenty of room on board for other things. While it makes a perfect place to store additional fishing poles, coolers, etc., I opted to use the additional space for our dog Willow. He really liked the Versa and had a ton of room to roam around.

The board is made out of the same kind of plastic as their kayaks. This means that the board is very solid and durable. It also means that it is pretty heavy at 53 lbs. To help deal with the length and weight though, the Versa board has a super convenient feature on the stern called the "Tag Along Wheel." You can actually just pick up the board by the handle on the bow and drag it along on it's wheel. This is seriously clutch when you are trying to transport it around on land. 

Like the SUPerCHARGER though, the extra weight also helps add to the stability of the board in the water. It really makes a great fishing platform and there are tons of accessories you can get to help outfit it for whatever purpose you would like. There are also drain plugs spaced along the board on top, which you can either have closed or open. This allows it to be self-bailing for more choppy seas or more of a dry area in calmer waters. The board even has a dry storage area in the stern. In addition, the Versa board can handle paddlers, or a combination of paddler and gear up to 300 lbs. Our buddy Clint had a great time on the paddler and he is close to the recommended weight limit.  

So what are my final thoughts? The Liquid Logic Versa board is a great all-around SUP. For lakes, the ocean, relatively calm rivers, etc.. it seems ideal. With its' incredible versatility, it can be used for a variety of different situations. Fishing, relaxing, SUP'ing, exploring, etc. The Versa does it all.


- Very stable
- Very versatile
- Tracks well
- Tag Along Wheel makes for easier carrying


- Slower to turn
- Heavy (but has wheel to help)

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