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Columbus Whitewater Raft Carnage Collection

- Friday May 31, 2013

So one thing we have noticed over the last few days is that you all LOVE some raft carnage. Sure there is the one awesome Columbus whitewater raft carnage video, but you know what would be even better? LOTS of Columbus carnage videos. WeStroke has compiled the best ones for your viewing entertainment. 

We all add more to this post as we find them and are taking precautions in case they get pulled. 

Cutbait rapid is one of bigger rapids on the Chattahoochee River whitewater course and at higher flows it takes a certain level of experience to navigate without capsizing.  These videos show you the end result of high flow with inexperienced rafters.  Sometimes it doesn't matter how good your guide is if your crew isn't up to the task.

This is the first video featuring Cutbait that has got all the attention. The action starts about 1:00 in.


Here is a nice first person one. Surely they won't flip after the nice pep talk on the rock...


Some more raft carnage at Heaven's Gate rapid at the Columbus Whitewater Park. All credit goes to Steve Bohannon for the video.


Check out the superman at 0:30 in!


So if the raft carnage wasn't awesome enough, they are letting duckies run it too lol. Carnage galore. Action starts around 0:30 in this video.

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