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ENO DoubleNest Hammock and Atlas Straps Review

- Monday May 6, 2013
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While you see lots of paddlesports reviews, info and video on WeStroke, we also like to touch on camping gear as well. Camping and outdoor sports often go together and the right gear can really make the difference in your excursions. One particular piece of camping gear that we've come to find essential is a hammock.

One brand of hammocks that is enjoying huge popularity is Eagle Nest Outfitters, or ENO for short. The company was formed in 1999 by brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster from Florida but really hit their stride after 2003 when they moved to Asheville, NC and opened up their headquarters there in 2010. ENO has expanded into making lots of travel and camping gear but enough of the history, on to the hammock! You can click here to skip down to the DoubleNest specific stuff if you have already read our ENO DoubleNest Deluxe review.

The ENO's are super comfortable and are made of what looks and feels like parachute fabric. The ENO website states that it is Nylon and that both the DoubleNest and DoubleNest Deluxe can hold up to 400 lbs. The former weighs in at 22 oz while the latter is slightly heavier at 29 oz. The hammocks also fold up into a tiny bag that is sewn onto the side of them. Very handy and insures you will never loose them. In addition, you can store things in the bag while the hammock is hung up. Watch, glasses, book, drink, etc.

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The hammock is well made but what really sold me were the straps that ENO makes and sells separately from the hammocks themselves. This is an essential purchase to get going with your setup. ENO has several different straps available, depending on your personal needs. There are the Slap Straps, the Slap Straps PRO and the Atlas Straps. While all three are nice, the PRO manages to add another 2 feet of length to the non-PRO and shave off 4 ounces at the same time. That being said, I'm not really a backpacker so weight isn't an issue and I'm also a little paranoid about hanging off the ground. Therefore, I went with the Atlas straps. Not only did they look very heavy duty and don't seem like they would stretch, they have 30 different points on them to which you can connect your ENO. That's a lot of versatility to where you hang your hammock. It's also what makes them great because of how quickly you can get set up. So here's the rundown on getting set up.

In order to hang up your ENO hammock, you first find two trees that are within a reasonable distance from each other. Doesn't even have to be a tree. We have used poles, truck racks, etc. Now, get one of your straps, wrap it once around the tree, or whatever sturdy object, and slide one end through the loop on the other end. These straps allow you to hang your hammock without damaging anything (tree bark or other surfaces) or using complicated knots. Rinse and repeat with the other side. Now clip on the carabiners that come attached to the ENO to whichever connecting loop seems appropriate for the distance between the trees. Try it, adjust the sag in the hammock if necessary by changing loops and you're done. Super simple and takes minutes to do.

As I said before, this particular hammock I'm reviewing is the DoubleNest. One of several different models ENO offers. You can read our DoubleNest Deluxe review here. According to the ENO website, the DoubleNest is around 2 feet wider at 6'8" x 9'4" than their smaller model, the SingleNest at 4'7" x 9'4". This allows for a much more roomy sleeping situation and even room for two. I personally own the Deluxe model which is even larger at 8'4" x 9'4". I bought the largest one thinking that my wife would spend more time in it with me than she does. If I had to do it again though, I'd go with the DoubleNest. It's a bit more comfortable and easier to deal with, without the extra fabric and seam that the Deluxe has and you still have room to snuggle with a loved one when you want. If you are a backpacker and crunching ounces, the DoubleNest saves you 8oz at 20oz total weight over the Deluxe which comes in at 28oz. The SingleNest weighs in at 17oz.

I strongly suggest you go to the ENO website and peruse the different products. They even offer this handy hammock comparison chart so you can see the differences between the models. After you figure out what's best for your needs, you can purchase the products online and or head to your local outdoor store who is sure to have some in stock. Lots of different colors and styles are availble for your lounging pleasure.

You will not regret your hammock purchase and it really has greatly improved my camping experience. Lounging in comfort, set up and take down in minutes, very little to pack. I also keep mine in my vehicle all the time just in case a hammock lounging moment happens. You just can't be too prepared.

Stay tuned for an upcoming contest where we will be giving away the DoubleNest hammock and Atlas straps featured in this review!

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