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World Kayak Rock Island Open 2

- Wednesday June 12, 2013
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This past weekend, the 9th, was the second World Kayak Rock Island Open. This event was a freestyle competition at Rock Island State Park and Philip Byard, the Nashville World Kayak Ambassador, had been working with the Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA) and the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association (TSRA) to organize the event. We loaded up gear and headed out from Nashville to Rock Island, TN. 

The TVA was kind enough to provide a very novice friendly 1,400 CFS water flow, which made the infamous Rodeo Wave much easier to deal with. We are talking about a world class playspot, where the Jackson Kayak team and family spend a good deal of their time and the site of one of last year's ICF World Cup Freestyle competitions. Very cool to be able to have events in this great location.  

The TSRA showed up in force with a ton of very experienced safety boaters. This really helped everyone feel very safe on the water. After one person swam, I won't say who lol, I've never seen anyone with so much help. He was literally surrounded by safety crew and he and his equipment were safely carried to shore. 

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All in all, there were 6 actual competitors, twice that many safety boaters, and even three times that in spectators, including non-competing paddlers. Competitors had 3 runs each at 2 minutes per run. The best 2 out of 3 run scores were combined to determine a winner. Huge thanks to Tiffany Ramaswamy for braving the rain with us and keeping score. Philip, Clint and I (Kevin) judged the runs. 

After all was said and done, Jim Reynolds emerged victorious. He had a sweet entry move with a killer surf afterwards that helped give him the win. Jim received an awesome, hand-carved trophy from Master Woodcarver/ Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Woody Woodall. Really really cool one-of-a-kind prize. You can check out the trophies in the slideshow and if you like what you see, email Woody.

Afterwards, we headed over to the boat ramp area and gilled out a huge amount of delicious food provided by Mary Brace. Thanks Mary! While we were scarfing down food, Philip handed out some great swag provided by the awesome World Kayak sponsors. Everyone loves free swag right? Thanks so much! 

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for not only this but the first Rock Island Open as well. Got to give huge props to Philip, World Kayak, the TSRA and the TVA for making it all possible. And of course, us here at WeStroke :) Can't wait till next year when we can hopefully make it even bigger! 

Be sure to check out Philip Byard's wrap-up post over at


Rock Island Open 2 Freestyle Results

1. Jim Reynolds 413 pts

2. Tim Schramm 373 pts

3. Carlos Aranda 346 pts

4. Mike Loftis 268 pts

5. Jeff Leech 262 pts

6. Chris Gibson 259 pts

Rock Island Open 1 Race Results

1. Rami Ayoub 150 pts

2. Neil Arvidson 120 pts

3. Mike Loftis 110 pts

4. Tim Schramm 100pts

5. Philip Byard 70pts

6. Mike Arvidson 50pts

Rock Island Open Overall Results

1. Tim Schramm 473 pts

2. JIm Reynolds 413 pts

3. Mike Loftis 378 pts

4. Carlos Aranda 346 pts

5. Jeff Leech 262 pts

6. Chris Gibson 259 pts

7. Rami Ayoub 150 pts

8. Neil Arvidson 120 pts

9. Philip Byard 70pts

10. Mike Arvidson 50pts

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