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2014 Jackson Kayak Rock Star Release Details

- Thursday June 20, 2013
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The new Jackson 2014 Rock Star has been released and we have all the specs! To start off with, the 2014 Rock Star is one inch shorter then the previous one however it still accomodates the same size person. The new boat is also more narrow, slicier and has better volume distribution. This has helped make the Rock Star much more retentive in a hole and makes all moves that much easier.

The Rock Star has an improved rocker profile and it is even faster on a wave now. Didn't think that was even possible! They also managed to shave 3 pounds off the previous Rock Star making these new models the lightest plastic play boats on the market. You can really muscle the new yak around and everything seems effortless.

On the outfitting side, the Rock Star has a new stiffer and stronger track. They have also made improvements to the hip pads as well and added a new system called the "Hip Locker Hip Pads". This system is designed to move with the seat and proved a better way to lock you in when throwing serious moves. The thigh hooks and knee area have also been redesigned to lock you in more. A welcome improvement that I am anxious to try. 

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In addition, the boat will come with the Sweet Cheeks 200. Like just about everything else, the Sweet Cheeks have also been redesigned and now contain more beans and less foam. Happy Feet 100 is also standard in the 2014 Rock Star.

There is also an EVEN LIGHTER and STIFFER new 2014 Jackson Rock Star Competition.

For more information on the new 2014 Jackson Rock Star, head on over to

Also head over to to read what EJ says about the new 2014 Rock Star. 



Length (ft, in) 5 ft 4 in
Width (in) 25 in
Height (in) 14 in
Volume (Gallons) 48 gal
Weight (Pounds) 27.7 lbs
Max Inseam (in) TBD
Max Foot (Men’s) TBD
Opt. River Running (lbs) 115 lbs
Opt. Playboating (lbs) 135 lbs
Opt. Overall (lbs) 125 lbs
Capacity (lbs) TBD
Cockpit Dimensions 32.5″X 19″
Material Linear Poly
MSRP Price US $ $1249



Length (ft, in) 5’9″
Width (in) 26.5″
Height (in) 15″
Volume (Gallons) 53
Weight (Pounds) 29.8
Footrest Type Happy Feet
Max Inseam (in) 33
Max Foot (Men’s) 11
Opt. River Running (lbs) 150
Opt. Playboating (lbs) 170
Opt. Overall (lbs) 160
Capacity (lbs) 200
Cockpit Dimensions 34.5″X 20.25″
Material Linear Poly
MSRP Price US $ $1249


Length (ft, in) 5 ft 11 in
Width (in) 27.5 in
Height (in) 15.5 in
Volume (Gallons) 65 gal
Weight (Pounds) 33
Footrest Type Happy Feet
Max Inseam (in) 36 in
Max Foot (Men’s) 12.5
Opt. River Running (lbs) 170 lbs
Opt. Playboating (lbs) 210 lbs
Opt. Overall (lbs) 190 lbs
Capacity (lbs) TBD
Cockpit Dimensions 36 “X 21″
Material Linear Poly
MSRP Price US $ $1249
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