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Liquid Logic Stinger

- Tuesday June 25, 2013
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The Stinger's beginnings started with a prototype called the Remix 100. The project had a simple goal: develop a boat to win the Green Race. After five years of testing, redesigning, and expanding the concept the LL team have finally reached production for the quintessential high performance creek racing kayak, the Stinger.

The thing that stands out with the Stinger vs. other boats is its ability to come out of rapids at top speed. The Stinger is 12.5' long and almost all of the extra length is in the stern. This allows the boat to plane-out quickly and hit its insanely fast top-end speed while it plows over almost any obstacle with just the right amount of bow rocker. Also, the extra long pointy stern, that was the inspiration for the Stinger name, actually drops into the water at speed, which helps tracking. The shorter bow keeps it from pitoning in steeper drops and the high crowned deck helps the boat surface rapidly.

Stinger Lime Side
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At only 24" wide, you might think the Stinger would be tippy but that is not the case at all. The 12.5' length of the boat actually helps keep it balanced. You are getting stability from length rather than from width. The width is actually comparable to old-school long boats.

You really need to check a Stinger out. It is unlike anything else on the market in a very good way. You know it has the capability of running just about anything you can throw at it because they race it every year on the Green River Narrows! And while it has the ability to dominate races, this boat is incredibly fun to paddle on all types of water simply because it is fast! 

The Stinger is available in 2 different colors. The standard Liquid Logic lime green and a brand new road cone orange color. You can see both in the video. We are ordering two ourselves. If that's not an indication of how great this boat is, I don't know what is. Get out there and experience one for yourself. 


Length: 12.5'

Width: 24"

Volume: 100 gallons

Weight: 55 lbs

Cockpit: XL

Paddler Weight: 120-300 lbs


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