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Bliss-Stick Smoothy Review

- Tuesday July 16, 2013
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I’ve been paddling the Smoothy now for about 4 months and it is a sick boat. Many people are dismissive of it because it is so much older than all the other modern playboats like the Rock Star and the Jed, however the smoothy can definitely hold its own when compared to these other boats. The longer lower volume design does not always lend itself to the biggest loops or the easiest mcnasties but that being said, I have definitely thrown textbook versions of both tricks. The Smoothy’s high points definitely come on the waves where it is the fastest and loosest play boat I have paddled. The longer stern and deep double rails on the hull give it high speed on a wave and a fast release.

A few months back I was paddling the Smoothy at Rock Island, TN at the rodeo hole at around 7 grand, more than double the normal flow. At this level the shoulder of the hole becomes an epic wave while the meat of the hole deals some epic beat downs if you get pushed into it. So basically it is one of the best features out there at this level. After my friend Ike flushed off the back of the wave after one of his surfs, I paddled on to the wave and as soon as I was lined up onto the top of the feature I took a single stroke and launched a huge air blunt. The blunt was so big and high that Ike could see my whole boat clear the pile from behind. Something that never happens no matter how much air you get. So to say the least, this boat can give you the biggest air on the biggest waves.

Smoothy Stock Top
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So this boat does well on a big wave, what about a small wave or hole? Well I already talked about how huge loops and effortless mcnasties are not the easiest but how much fun is doing the same tricks that everyone else out there are doing? This is a boat of beautiful cartwheels and splitwheels. The lower volume bow and stern allow it to slice through the water for effortless ends. Sometimes I’ll get in a hole and hit 12 or more ends before laying it back flat or splitting to the other side. Not only does it throw effortless ends but the ends are some of the most beautiful you’ll ever see. The long stern throws water out into the air with every end and soars high over your head snapping in a wonderful ark.

As for a small wave, I got to surf the Smoothy on the SUP wave in Salida, a small fast fun but flushy wave. As the water came up over the week of Fibark, I went to that wave more and more with my friends and the Smoothy was definitely the snappiest boat there. I was able to rush down the shoulder of the wave and snap a quick blunt or pan-am and with a few backstrokes, I could usually stay on the wave. So all in all this is one of the most fun boats out there. Waves of all sizes are definitely its' specialty and it is epic fun in a small hole too. You’ll be amazed by the ease of the ends and will probably find yourself wearing a huge smile as you repeatedly whip that long stern over your head. 


Length: 6'1"

Width: 26"

Volume: 52 gallons

Weight: 31 lbs.

Paddler Weight Range: 110-200 lbs.

To purchase one of these amazing boats in the US visit the bliss-stick us 

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