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Coming September 2013 - Wave Sport Mobius

- Tuesday July 9, 2013

Wave Sport brings us another, more in-depth look at the their new playboat, the Mobius. The Mobius is shorter, has more volume for more pop, faster, looser and much much more! It will be available for you to purchase in September. Until then, check out this video to tide you over. 

Some things to note about the new design:

• Two inches shorter yet more volume than Project X for huge loops and quick rotation
• Quick release stern edge and continuous hull rocker for looseness and speed on waves
• Wide stern and raised water line is forgiving on waves and prevents pearling in a back surf
• Compact bow and sculpted knee bumps for fast initiation of tricks and greater predictability for learning freestylers
• Greater stiffness and less weight than Project X
• CORE WhiteOut Outfitting, high buff polish and matte texture finish

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