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Wave Sport Mobius Specs and Features

- Thursday August 1, 2013
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Wave Sport recently introduced a new freestyle kayak to their lineup called the Mobius. There have been several different videos and photos of the new playboat but not a lot of specs were known. We have compiled the features and specifics for you from a hard to read online image. Check it out. 


- Two inches shorter yet more volume than Project X for huge loops and quick rotation. 

- Quck release stern edge and continuous hull rocker for looseness and speed. 

- Wide stern and raised water line is forgiving on waves and prevents pearling in back surf. 

- Compact bow and sculpted knee bumps for fast initiation of tricks and greater predictability for learning freestylers.

- Greater stiffness and less weight than Project X.

- Core WhiteOut Outfitting, high buff polish and matte texture finish.

Mobius Top
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SPECS (plastic version):

Specifications Mobius Forty Nine Mobius Fifty Seven Mobius Sixty Five
Length 5'6" 5'9" 6'0"
Width 25" 26" 26.75"
Deck Height 14.5" 14.75" 15.5"
Cockpit Size 33" x 18.5" 33" x 19" 36" x 19.5"
Estimated Capacity 160 lbs 200 lbs 250 lbs
Estimated Weight 30 lbs 32 lbs 34 lbs



US MSRP: $1149 

Mobius 49 and 57 coming September 1st. 

Mobius 65 coming Feb. 1, 2014 


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