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Liquid Logic Stinger XP

- Tuesday August 6, 2013
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It's here!!! The XP version of the awesome Liquid Logic Stinger kayak was officially announced at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. Now you can have all the speed and whitewater prowess of the normal Stinger AND have access to that huge stern for storage while being able to drop a skeg for even better tracking and speed. We here at WeStroke have known about this for a while and have been not-so-patiently waiting on it to be announced. Going to pick ours up hopefully soon in the new road-cone orange. Can't wait to get one!

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Width: 24"

Length: 12.5"

Weight: ?? Should be close to normal Stinger which is 55lbs

Volume: 100 gal

Paddler Weight: 120-300 lbs 

Price: $1399 est.


- All of the great qualities of the normal Stinger: Fast, paddles like a 9' boat, agile, handles Class V whitewater. 

- Hatch in the stern to access around 50 gallons of storage space. 

- Drop-down skeg. Turn the handle to drop a skeg for even more speed, better tracking and more control.

Here is a video below of the normal Stinger, which is essentially the same boat minus the hatch and drop-down skeg. 

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