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Review of the Amazing Luci Solar Light

- Wednesday January 15, 2014
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While we here at WeStroke are always on the lookout for innovative outdoor equipment, I have been especially interested in lanterns lately. One of the main problems with the different kinds though are what they run on. Some use gasoline or propane, some gobble up batteries like they're going out of style and so-on. Whatever their source of fuel, it is just one more thing you have to lug around and worry about running out of. 

While scouring the Interwebz for alternative solutions, I came upon the MPOWERD Luci Light. The company successfully funded this to production after using Kickstarter to come up with the funds. I honestyle have to say, this is one of the simplest, cheapest, most innovative lights I have ever seen. Matter of fact, upon receiving mine, I was immediately moved to write a review on it, if that tells you anything. 

When collapsed (not inflated), the Luci is a tiny and extemely packable 1 inch tall and 5 inches in diameter. To top that off, it weighs in at a miniscule 4oz. A tiny disc that you can throw in an emergency bag, dry bag, backpack, etc. On top is a standard air valve and a handy strap to hang or hold the light with. Flip it over and on the bottom you will find a solar charged lithium ion battery and another strap that matches the one on the top. In the middle of the solarpanel, there is a tiny button. 

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To inflate the Luci Light, simply pop-out the valve and blow it up, just like you would a beach ball. Within a few seconds, the Luci light will raise to it's full height of 4 inches. Once inflated, you can see 10 white light LEDs inside. Pressing the tiny on button once puts the light on its' low setting. Pressing once more brings the light to full power and once again will cause it to strobe for emergency situations. 

You are probably thinking, how much light can that thing possibly put out and how long could it possibly last? Well those 10 LEDs put out 80 lumes and illuminate around a 15 sqft area. In the real-world, that is a staggering amount of light coming out of this thing. WAY more than you would have expected from this little inflatable solar lantern. It is more than enough to light up a tent like day, put on a table to eat by, etc.

It takes 8 hours of light to fully charge the Luci Light and that will power it for 6-12 hours. Mine powered right up out of the box and is still going strong without me charging it at all. In fact the documentation says it will retain 50% of its' charge for 2 freakin' years if not used! Really gives me confidence that power will be available when I need it. I can imagine clipping the lantern onto the outside of your backpack while hiking, onto your kayak deck while going down the river, etc to allow it to soak up sun for use later that evening. Speaking of kayaking, as this is a primarily kayaking site, did I mention the Luci Light is waterproof? How about that it floats? Add that to the fact that it is very durable and you really have the ideal light to carry with your while doing any kind of boating. I know that I will be carrying it in my dry bag from now on.

In addition to keeping one with my boating gear, I'll also be purchasing one for my wife's car emergency bag, one to keep in my vehicle, one to keep in the house, etc. The possiblities are endless and at only $15.99 a piece, they are affordable enough to have multiple ones around. Everyone I have shown the light to have thought it was amazing and bought one immediately. I highly suggest you do the same and you even have the option on the MPOWERD site to give one to someone in need in an energy impoverished area.  

- P.S. MPOWERED also has a color changing version with a frosted body coming soon called the Luci Aura. It will have four colored light settings and can cycle through multiple hues or settle on a single color. So if you need some more bling with your light, they got you covered lol.

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Price: $15.99

Weight: 4oz

Diameter: 5"

Height Collapsed: 1"

Height Inflated: 4"

Brightness: 80 lumens

Coverage: 15 sqft 

Charging time to full charge: 8 hours

Hours of light from full charge: 6 - 12 hours

Life: Retains 50% of charge for 2 years if inactive

Full Spec Sheet: Click here for full spec sheet in PDF form.

- P.P.S. There is also another similar light made by another company that is even smaller, if you can believe that. While the luminAID might not be quite as bright as the Luci, it collapses to credit card size. I'll be picking up one of those as well and will report back with a review. You can check out the luminAID here.

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