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Waterproof Grundens Gage 30 Liter Backpack Review

- Tuesday January 7, 2014
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As avid kayakers and outdoors people here at WeStroke, we spend a lot of time on the road and out in the elements. The amount of gear we need/have has continued to pile up and I decided I needed a really nice backpack to keep it protected and my hands free while I enjoy the great outdoors. 

You may have seen our previous review of the waterproof Grundens Gage Shackelton Duffel Bag. We absolutely loved it but you don't always need a 105 liters of space but still want the same level of quality and protection. Enter the 30 Liter 100% waterproof Grundens Gage Rum Runner Backpack. 

Priced at a very reasonable $79, I was curious as to what the quality would be like. I mean, that is a REALLY reasonable price for this kind of gear. When the Rum Runner backpack arrived, I was immediately seriously impressed. Besides looking cool with its black color and bone fish logo, The 500d PVC trapaulin fabric and 100% radio frequency welded seams really looked like they would keep out the water and be very durable. This definitely proved to be the case because I have been using this pack for the better part of a year and it is holding up great! I even waded out in the water recently with the bottom of the backpack submerged and my precious gear inside the bag remained bone dry.The top of the bag itself can be rolled down and clipped just like a normal drybag or clipped over the sides of the bag itself if you prefer that configuration.

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There are a ton of great features on this backpack. The straps are well constructed and nicely padded for all day comfort. There are also a couple of additional straps, besides the shoulder ones, that you can clip horizontally across for better security during those more epic hikes. That plus the padded moisture wicking back panel makes for a very comfortable fit. In addition, there are straps across the front of the pack, along with a mesh pocket, that allows you to carry wet stuff outside and away from your dry gear. On a recent trip to the beach this proved extremely useful as I carried my wife and I's wet towels there. Very thoughtful and useful addition. The pack has water bottle holders on the sides and another nice extra is the pocket sleeve on the shoulder strap. I found it an absolutely perfect place to hold my iPhone 5 in its Lifeproof case. I use the iPhone often for taking photos and it was a great place to keep it handy and within reach. Add to that an expansive inside zippered pocket that I normally keep my large extra battery pack in and you have a well-rounded feature set. 

All-in-all I really haven't found any negatives with this backpack. Piece of mind and a convenient way to carry your gear is something that is REALLY nice to have. If you have a need to comfortably carry gear on the beach, hiking in the woods, kayaking on the river, etc the Grundens Rum Runner will keep your equipment safe and dry no matter where you are. You really can't ask for more than that from a backpack. 

Be sure and visit for more information on the Grunden Gage Rum Runner Backpack.


$79.50 List Price


- 500d PVC trapaulin fabric

- Roll top closure

- 100% waterproof

- 100% radio frequency welded seams

- Relatively low cost for value


- Have not found any thus far

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