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2014 Rockstar Large review and comparison to 2013 Super Star

- Tuesday February 4, 2014
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I recently got to spend some time with a new 2014 Rockstar Large. Now as a lot of you know I have been a big fan of my 2013 Super Star, so the question is, how do they compare for the big guy?

So those that don't know about me, I weight 230ish depending on how bigger breakfast I have had for the day. I am also around 6’2”, so I'm larger than your average boater. Sure, I could paddle a MonStar, but I like having a boat that is easier to throw around, and my weight puts me around the bottom end of the MonStar’s weight range.

A few weeks go Ian gave me a chance to demo the 2014 Rock Star Large. So first thing I did was run down to Rock Island on a two Generator day to test it out. I struggled some with fitting in the boat, but after some weaseling around, I was able to squeeze my hips in. Being excited that I could fit in the boat, I ran down to the water to see how it performed.

Getting in the water I could definitely tell I was setting a little higher than my Super Star. Not really a big deal as long as you are able to recognize it, and adjust accordingly to your paddling style. I was also amazed how much easier it was for me to throw the boat around. Bow stalls in my Super Star take quite bit of energy for me to initiate. They were much easier to initiate in the Rock Star due to the slicer front end, and the lower volume. They weren’t lying when they said it was easier to do flat water tricks in this boat!

So after a few minutes of looking like a duck trying to bottom feed, I decided to paddle down to the top wave. I Dropped into the wave and got to enjoy a little front surfing back and forth across the wave to warm up. I couldn't tell what was off, but I was feeling back heavy. I figured it was just getting used to a new boat, so after a little more time surfing, decided to head on down to Rodeo wave.


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I have grown a love for Rodeo wave. What used to appear as an ugly cross seamed wave/hole has turned into a fun mix of freestyle/beatdown training for me. The players left side of the wave is a great place to practice some loops, cartwheels, blunts, you name it. The players right side is a great place to practice keeping your head above water as you try to get back to the left side of the hole. Least that is how it is in the Super Star, how about the 2014 Rock Star.

As i paddled out into the current in the 2014 Rock Star, I was reminded how important good posture is when you are sitting higher, by the eddy line trying to make me look like a club boater. So after a quick static brace, I was stable and on my way to the wave. One thing i immediately noticed after dropping in the hole with the Rock Star was the boat was more controllable than the 2013 Super Star. I didn't have quite as much problems with the boat wanting to pearl as I have with the Super Star. Also the boat didn't want to just “Zip” out of the wave. This was nice cause I am used to having to correct a lot faster in the Super Star to keep from coming out of the wave if I am pointing to much left. This is probably due to the shorter size of the 2014 Rock star, and blunter front end. It slows the boat down and gives a lot more maneuverability on the wave.

So, figured it was time to throw myself into beatdown mode, and see what the right side felt like. I surfed on to the right side of the hole. Felt pretty good, trashy as usual, so figured i would try to do a little back surfing, as i turn the boat around, i quickly realized, i wasn't going to be able to do this. From the shore, I'm sure it was beautiful. You see the boat turn, and start to ride the wave to the top, followed by gravity taking over pulling me back down, and window shading me. I quickly righted myself to enjoy some side surfing in the right side of the hole. I found it easier to throw my end around in the 2014 Rock Star than the Super star, making it easy for me to point left and ride out of the wave to think about what was going on. I knew it was something with the outfitting, but was to excited being in a different boat to fix it at the time. I spent another hour or so surfing the hole, and collecting my thoughts on what needed to be done with the outfitting to dial it in more

I got the boat back to the house and I Started looking at what the problems could be. First thing, was my hip pads, they were putting way to much pressure on me causing my leg to feel strained. The 2014 Rock Stars have a plastic insert that the hip pads set in. If your a big guy you will need to pull them off this insert, and set them on the outside velcro, like that of the Super Star in order to get the pad high enough to not put extra strain on your hips. I also saw the seat was in the neutral position. In order for me to perform less stern squirts I was going to have to move up one spot. Took a little work with the foot bag in the front, but I was able to move the seat one forward and sit rather comfortably in it.

Round 2, now with the outfitting the way it should have been done the first time. I had no problems with the boat feeling “Grabby” as it did before. The boat wanted to pearl a little more than before, but still not quite as much as it does with my Super Star. Ok, so how bout that back surf? Not a problem this time, was able to quickly spin the boat without riding the wave to the top, and was able to lean far enough forward to keep a good surf on. Being a little farther forward made it even easier to initiate a double pump, and made doing some flat water tricks even easier.

I still feel my 2013 Super Star is my “Do everything” play boat. I find myself a little more comfortable in it, due to the lower seating position, little more foot room, and its probably the fastest play boat I have paddled. That being said I would love to own a 2014 purely as my park and play boat, The higher seating position, shorter size, and better controllability while surfing make this boat a pleasure for park and play. The 2014 is much easier to throw around making flat water tricks easier to learn as well.



  • More controllabilty while surfing.
  • Easier to initate tricks due to the lower weight, hieght seating postion, and more slice
  • Flat water tricks are easier to learn.



  • Slow for down river paddling
  • Higher seting position could make it hard for beginer paddlers to keep stablity.




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