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Liquid Logic Speedloader 75 Review

- Wednesday April 2, 2014
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There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a throw rope, such as diameter of the rope, length of the rope, and the material of a rope. I wanted to get as much rope as possible in as tighter spot as possible as well. After looking at some different brands I decided on the Liquid Logic Speedloader because it gave me best of all the things I want in a rope.


The speed loader 75 bag, contains rope of a 3/8” (9.5mm) inch diameter. I like having a thicker rope because it makes it easier for the victim to grab on and get a nice strong grip on the rope. The rope is 75 feet long, giving you a very nice reach. This combined with the 3/8” (9.5mm) inch diameter gives it a good heft as well. Its important to have a nice weight when throwing a rope. Lighter ropes may be nice for storing in your boat, but when trying to toss your rope to someone that needs it, its good to have something that you can throw with some confidence.

Now let's get to smart feature of the bag. This bag features a flat bottom and a wide opening top. This allows a person to reload the bag about twice a fast as your conventional throw bag. This makes it a lot more convenient when people are learning how to throw a bag. A lot of people don’t spend a lot of time training with a throw rope, simply because of the time involved resetting the bag. The Speedloader, with its quick packing, actually encourages a person to spend a little more time practicing with it. Now with that being said, I know its important to learn how to throw from the coil, but its also important to be able to get out of your boat, and hit your mark on the first throw. Learning to throw from the coil is another skill, and is just as important to learn and master. Luckily the thick diameter of this rope, and the weight, also allow a person to throw from a coil very efficiently as well.

The bag also features a compression strap allowing you to tighten the rope down to a respectable size. This allows me to keep the rope between my legs while boating. A lot of longer ropes have to be placed behind the seat, making getting to the rope a little more difficult. This rope should be able to fit between the legs of most boaters allowing for quick access. No one wants to be fidgeting in the back of thier boat trying to get their rope, when someone needs help.

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The material of the rope is a Polypropylene or MFP(Multi-filament Polypropylene). This type of material makes it easy to grab and hold onto for both the rescuer, and the person being rescued. Liquid Logic doesn't mention the average break strength for this rope on their site, but this type of rope, and this thickness should have an average break strength of around 1,300 to 1,400 pounds. Even though a Spectra based rope would be better for trying to unpin a boat, this rope could be used if a Spectra based rope was not available.

The reason once again I choose to have this in my boat is that it combines all the things i want in a nice rope, in a rather small package. Its got a nice weight, for making nice clean throws. A nice diameter, that allows people to hold on without digging into their hands, and finally some neat features that makes training with the bag more convent and even fun.


  • 3/8” diameter rope for easy gripping
  • Good reach with 75 foot of rope
  • Has a good weight for throwing
  • Speedloader bags smart design


  • If trying to unpin a larger type of vessel, it would be better to use a Spectra core rope.
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