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ENO Vulcan Underquilt Review

- Friday June 6, 2014
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Hammock camping is one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy a night under the stars. During the warm weather you can't beat the cooling you get while suspend in your hammock. It can make the hottest of summer nights more comfortable. That's great for the summer time, but what about the cooler months?

Sleeping bags by themselves won't work. Just like sleeping on the ground, your heavy parts compress the fabric of the bag, removing the insulation value. Usually this is most noticeable by your butt and shoulders. When camping on the ground, you can combat this with a sleeping pad, which can also work well in a hammock. The only problem with a pad is that if you are prone to wiggle a lot in your hammock, it ends up being a fight to the death to keep the pad underneath you.

So what is the best way to keep your underside warm when you are sleeping in your hammock? That would be a nice hammock under quilt. We choose the ENO Vulcan Underquilt based on the quality, material and the durability that ENO offers with this product.

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As a boater, we spend a lot of time camping when its damp and raining. Its the nature of the sport. This under quilt has a nylon shell that has a durable water repellant finish. The Insulation is PrimaLoft Synergy. This synthetic material is water resistance and thus resists moisture penetration. This proved true after a recent camping trip where i left the tree strap ends in my hammock instead of dropping them to the ground. That night a heavy rain came and the straps fed water down my hammock tree lines straight into my hammock. I slept through out the whole night and didn’t notice till my alarm woke me up. The temperature was in the lower 40s, I was a little damp, but most importantly, i was still warm.

The durability of the material is great as well. I know you're not suppose to keep gear in compression sacks, but I like to keep my gear in a bug out bag so i can just go when the water calls. Despite begin rough to this under quilt, and leaving it in the compression sack constantly, it still performs just as well as the day i got it. The key to this is to make sure to shake it out, and put it up a few hours before you go to sleep so the material can expand and fluff out again.

So if you're looking for a good quality and durable under quilt, this is definitely one to consider. It fits great with practically all hammock brands and will keep you comfortable down to 35 degrees (or more).


-Good Value
-Syntetic Material does well when wet
-Syntetic material is durable


-Weight is more than that of a down under quilt.

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