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The Slave Trilogy

- Friday August 21, 2015
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For 3 summers I have made the trek to Northern Canada to paddle on the Slave River.  In a small town called Fort Smith at the end of a dirt highway the Slave River drops through a series of rapids, which rival those found on the White Nile and Zambezi Rivers.  The river peaks at an impressive 7,000 Cubic meters per second, which is the same as 250,000 Cubic feet per second making it the 10th largest in North America.  The big water river running and big wave freestyle coupled with the large number of waterfalls in the area make this a kayakers paradise for the 3 months its not under snow and ice.

Over the past few months I've compiled a 3 part mini-series documenting my time on the Slave River.  I hope everyone enjoys these videos as much as I enjoyed making them and maybe I'll see you next summer in the far north!

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Slave Trilogy Ep.1: First Impressions

Slave Trilogy Episode 2: A Low Water Summer '14

Slave Trilogy Episode 3: Soul Surfing '15

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