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I'm gonna be honest, I don't know much about this video. From the guys' website it looks like they are based out of Austria so I'm guessing that's where this run is. Daniel Egger is the one who published this video and the important thing is that it has a good soundtrack and some great whitewater kayaking.

Ever wonder what kayaking in India is like? Well this is the video for you. Vimeo user Joe Rea-Dickins and friends travel to hit the classics in Uttarakhand, India. In this video you will see first descents of the East and West Nayyar, a morning bandit run of the Kail and a chilled trip down the Alaknanda.

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As avid kayakers, we spend a considerable amount of time outdoors camping and the right gear is essential for our excursions. We have discovered that one essential part of our gear, no matter what we are doing, is a hammock. Check out our review of the ENO DoubleNest hammock and Atlas Straps. A comfortable and simple lounging solution.

Check out this inspirational short video of Erik Weihenmayer, despite being blind, making the first solo kayak descent of Granite Rapid in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in April 2013. He is also training to run the entire 225 miles in fall of 2014. On top of it all, Erik is the only blind person who has climbed Mt. Everest. Enjoy!

This spring, May 17-19 2013, kayakers from around the world will have the chance to qualify for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix in the inaugural Ottawa XL. The event will combine a big wave freestyle contest with a high-water boater-x race. A point system will merge the two events and decide the winners. Good luck to all!

Leif Anderson, Spencer Mauk and Josh Oberleas took a fun trip up to the pacific northwest for spring break this year. They had a great time charging hard on some of the local runs including Green Truss on the White Salmon, the Little White Salmon and more. Check it.

It was released about a year ago but this is a fantastic video if you haven't seen it. Nomade presents a look at the Ottawa river featuring born and bred Ottawa Valley rider Keegan Grady. Check out his great aerial moves and creek lines. Enjoy.

Watch the Demshitz's Mike Patterson and friends fire up the Upper West Prong of the Little Pigeon in the Smoky Mountains. Mike also runs the Elk River Falls, which he had his eye on for quite some time. Level was lower than perfect but he went for it anyway. Check it out.

Jeremy Signorini brings us a high-energy whitewater kayaking video where he and friends take on the Upper Crystal Gorge in Colorado. The Gorge is a classic Colorado Class V+ low volume, manky run. Sit back and enjoy some great boofs, good lines and even some carnage.

Check out this short edit of 16 year old Titan Athlete Liam Fournier rocking his Titan Kayaks Nemesis playboat in Chile. Amazing scenery, some great freewheels being thrown and a killer soundtrack. If anyone can figure out what song it is, please leave a comment.

The River Militia brings us another great kayaking video from across the pond in England. This one is called Backyard Boulevard and features a sweet soundtrack to go with some awesome whitewater action on the River Swale, Swindale Beck and Yorkshire Dee. Check it out.

2012 ICF Freestyle World Cup Champion Peter Csonka recently tore a pectoral muscle, which has forced him into taking a little down time. We wish him a speedy recovery but in the meantime, check out a cool training video he did of his wife Nina, who is also an accomplished pro kayaker.

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