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Watch Chris Stafford and Jared Seiler jibbin' down the Green River in Saluda, NC in the new Pyranha Nano. The Nano is Pyranha's new short creeker and it looks like a freakin' blast. Sit back and watch the guys throw rock spins and boofs galore down the Green River Narrows.

Just released today, this documentary gives a deeper insight into the 5th edition of the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship. The video covers three time in a row winner Sam Sutton, the history of the legendary Wellerbrücke rapids and much more. A must watch.

Chris Baer from brings us another cool whitewater kayaking edit from Columbia. The goal of the trip was to head to the tiny town of Piedrancha and paddle a couple new sections on the Rio Guabo and Guiza. Along the way, they ventured deep into Guerilla territory, had to bribe the military and had many more adventures. Check it.

The River Militia brings us a new whitewater kayaking video called The Lakes. A very wet and windy day in January brought up the rivers in the Northern Lake District and caused there to be high water on the Langstrath Beck and The Caldew. Very cool stuff. Check it.

Marcos Gallegos brings us a video of him paddling The Baker. The Baker is the largest river in Chile in terms of Volume of Water and is located in the Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region of the Chilean Patagonia. Beautiful.

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Alright, I've been reading about this lately and of course at first I was like what? An origami kayak? BAHAHAHAHA. But you know what? It's starting to grow on me some. It's by no means a whitewater kayak but for tooling around on a lake, bay, etc it actually looks pretty cool. Especially for people in the city as it's easy to commute with and store. Check out the Oru Kayak.

Check out this video about kayaking Rock Island with the Jackson Kayak family. If you have not been there and ever get the chance, you definitely should. Huge waterfalls coming down, world class playboat surfing, waterfalls to drop and more. It really is amazing and a perfect place for the Jacksons to train and play.

Alright, so have you heard of packrafting before? You hike into somewhere carrying a tiny raft like a backpack, blow it up and run some gnar. I initially scoffed at it but after watching this video of packrafting in Mexico, I'm starting to think it looks pretty darn fun. Show Up and Blow Up. Check it.

Daniel Partinellis and Matt Kurle bring us an awesome whitewater kayaking video from Deer Creek. Like the title says, it's not really a creek. Instead it is a burly Class IV-V+ tributary to the stilliguamish river and it definitely looks intense. Great video.

This year, WeStroke and friends traveled to the 2013 Alabama Mountain Games. This was our first time to the festival so we didn't know quite what to expect. What we found were a lot of awesome people, some great athlete performances and some wild times. Read on to see all the photos and hear more about our adventure.

Linden Brown brings us a very cool whitewater kayaking video from Tasmania. I have to admit I don't really know anything about Tasmania but apparently they have some pretty sick whitewater and an abundance of runnable waterfalls. Check it.

Clay Lucas, Colin Hunt and Ty Caldwell decided to skip class because of all the rain coming down in order to get a lap in on their favorite run, Linville. Not even snow, ice and a fallen tree could stop them from getting some kayaking in. Enjoy some quality class V creeking action.

Let Eric Jackson take you on a walkthrough of Jackson Kayak's latest whitewater kayak creation, the Karma. This is a stellar new planning-hull whitewater kayak that will seriously impress all with its' speed, stability, carving, boofing and much more. Check it out.

Mitch Bearden and Kresh Productions bring us another awesome edit of some great whitewater kayaking. This is their edit to the video contest happening for Tallulah Fest this year. With all the fast cuts, rocking music, etc this one will definitely appeal to all of the ADD kayakers out there. Check it.

It's that time of year again. Yep, the Alabama Mountain Games are upon us. The rivers are running, the weather is going to be insanely nice and everything is looking really good. Come on out this weekend and join the fun!

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