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If you haven't seen Huck, you should definitely take a few minutes and check it out. Released around 10 months ago, Huck follows Evan Garcia as he explores what it means to kayak off of big waterfalls—considering both the risks and rewards of a life driven by freefall. Great short video by Andy Maser.

WeStroke Team Rider Ben Ghertner brings us a video of him doing some kayaking in the Little River Canyon (LRC) in Alabama. He and friends hit the falls, Mammoth and Terminal Eddy in what looks like an awesome day. Even a little bit of carnage thrown in to boot. Check it. 

The guys and gals over at the GDI Facebook group bring us a new video called Telliho. As you might have guessed, it features a bunch of openboaters kicking it on the Tellico River. Very cool stuff and boofs galore. Check it out.

The guys over at Drop Nation (formerly known as Teenage Paddleland) bring us a trailer for their new whitewater kayaking documentary web series, D'eau Vive. Looks very cool and we can't wait to check out the first episode, which drops around March 1st. Check it.

This past Saturday was the second event of the Plateau Creek Race Series, which is being brought to you by World Kayak, with help from The Outdoor Experience in Cookeville and we here at This event was a timed race on the Jett to Lilly section of Clear Creek, near Crossville and Wartburg, TN.

Check out this great video guide to the Tellico from World Kayak ambassador Tommy Clapp. The World Kayak Initiative is doing this with support from GoPro to put together a great resource of POV river guides around the world. So far they have guides from all over the US, Canada, and Japan.

Another Dagali Cowboys video to show you guys this morning. This is the third of their videos and the cowboys find themselves this time doing some whitewater kayaking in Voss, Norway. Great editing, beautiful scenery and some sick kayaking.

We posted a pic yesterday on our Facebook page of a canoe getting huge air on a ski slope (see below). It looked like it couldn't possibly end well and we just had to know so we found some video of the event. Well... we don't want to spoil it but carnage sure is a whole lot of fun to watch. Check it.

Hunter Katich brings us a video of him rocking out in his new Jackson Kayak Star. Hunter recently switched from a Rock Star Small to the new 2013 Star and he's loving it! He says that it is so good that can he perform most of his tricks without a paddle and he backs that claim up in the vid.

Since I'm being nostalgic this morning with looking for info about whether Stakeout 2 will ever come out, posting the Ben Marr beer slide video, etc, I decided I'd post the actual Stakeout video. This is definitely one of my favorite kayaking videos ever and was put together in the spring of 2010 by Joel Kowalski and Rush Sturges. Enjoy!

So I found myself looking for some info about the fabeled Stakeout 2 that is supposed to come out at some point in time... Anyway, I stumbled upon this old video and had to post it up. Ben Marr hitting a pretty substantial slide while drinking a beer. Epic.

Check out a cool video called Portugal & Galicia Winter Edit. Features a short three day trip to the west Coast of Spain and to the border with Portugal. They found super low water on the Castro Laboreiro but the classic Panadeiro slide was at pretty high flows.

Buck Fever is a freakin' awesome old school kayak video shot and edited in 1998-1999 and released on VHS in 2000. It was produced by Spencer Cooke, Jed Selby and Jake Cook. Do yourself a favor and put your kayak in front of the TV, grab a beer and enjoy some great kayaking porn.

Super inspirational story. When a skiing accident left Greg Mallory paralyzed from the waist down, he turned to kayaking to help him escape his wheelchair. Now he’s an accomplished Class V whitewater paddler who finds strength, challenge and meaning on the river.

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