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Clay Wright from Jackson Kayak gives us a walk-through of their unique Uni-Shock Bulkhead system. This system is very easy to use and you can just pull on a string to adjust it, even while you are in the kayak. On top of being easy to adjust, this system will help protect your ankles in case of a piton and even has a strap to help with carrying.

You saw the teaser, now check out Chapter One of The Creation of Tits DEEP. The ladies say that they aim to build confidence in female's own ability, convincing them to move away from the stereotypical, timid image of what a woman should and shouldn't do, pushing them to test themselves to new levels.

Check out a great video of some whitewater kayak and canoe action on Dukes Creek near Helen Georgia. Dukes is a tight Class V steep creek and should only be tried by those with the skills. If you do venture out to this run, be respectful and be wary of rangers.

Mathieu Coldebella brings us a great video of some of his Fall paddling in the Jura area. Nestled off the west coast of Scotland, the area offers impressive rapids and had quite high water levels while he was there. Keep charging Mathieu!

Ben Marr REALLY upped the ante this year with his Best Drop entry for the Rider of the Year Awards. Benny notched the first complete decent of Site Zed in the Grand Canyon of the Stikine River, one of the most brutal and committing whitewater rivers in the world.

Sperry Top-Sider brings us a cool video showcasing the Jackson family making some tracks as they travel all over the world paddling in some of the most amazing places. Features featuring Dane & Eric kayaking Bear Creek in the Karma, rocking the SUPerCHARGER on the Ocoee River, and then Dane in the Karma Chile for the Whitewater Grand Prix.

Chris Baer, from, brings us another Colombian kayaking video. This time he and friends are on a two day adventure, on the committing Rio Caqueta. Paddlers include Giorgio Codleuppi, Jared Page, Joel Fedak, and Chris Baer. Check it.

Watch the whitewater kayaking fast frenchmen Eric Deguil show you how to do a self-rescue in Class V whitewater. Alone on the Rio Puesco in Chile on a scouting run during the Whitewater Grand Prix, things go bad and you have to swim. Do you panic and end up with a yard sale or do you man/woman up and rescue yourself? Eric chooses rescue.

NRS brings us Episode 8 of their Rescue for River Runners, which focuses on boat extraction. When a boat gets pinned while whitewater kayaking or canoeing, you need to know how to retrieve it safely. Swiftwater rescue expert Jim Coffey demonstrates how to retrieve a pinned kayak or canoe using methods ranging from pushing and pulling to setting up a mechanical advantage system.

During the World Cup this year, the Australian Freestyle Kayak Team headed over to the Ocoee for some fun. They had run the Ocoee before but decided to try something different and ran it in a Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo. Check out the good times in this rapid by rapid video.

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