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Check out this video about kayaking Rock Island with the Jackson Kayak family. If you have not been there and ever get the chance, you definitely should. Huge waterfalls coming down, world class playboat surfing, waterfalls to drop and more. It really is amazing and a perfect place for the Jacksons to train and play.

Let Eric Jackson take you on a walkthrough of Jackson Kayak's latest whitewater kayak creation, the Karma. This is a stellar new planning-hull whitewater kayak that will seriously impress all with its' speed, stability, carving, boofing and much more. Check it out.

With surgery for a torn labrum looming 3 days later, I decided that there was no way I was going out for 4+ months without a final hoorah on the river. So I headed up to the Tellico with a great group of friends and my new Jackson Kayak Karma creek boat. The level was 1.8, the sun was shining and it was the perfect day to see me through to my recovery.

Hunter Katich brings us a video of him rocking out in his new Jackson Kayak Star. Hunter recently switched from a Rock Star Small to the new 2013 Star and he's loving it! He says that it is so good that can he perform most of his tricks without a paddle and he backs that claim up in the vid.

Clay Wright from Jackson Kayak gives us a walk-through of their unique Uni-Shock Bulkhead system. This system is very easy to use and you can just pull on a string to adjust it, even while you are in the kayak. On top of being easy to adjust, this system will help protect your ankles in case of a piton and even has a strap to help with carrying.

Sperry Top-Sider brings us a cool video showcasing the Jackson family making some tracks as they travel all over the world paddling in some of the most amazing places. Features featuring Dane & Eric kayaking Bear Creek in the Karma, rocking the SUPerCHARGER on the Ocoee River, and then Dane in the Karma Chile for the Whitewater Grand Prix.

Wow, I don't know where to even begin. This highlights video that Dane Jackson (of Jackson Kayak) put together of his 2012 season is so full of winning it's unbelievable. Watch as the 2 time Whitewater Grand Prix winner rocks out in nearly all aspects of the sport.

Jackson Kayak brings us a short video highlighting their new Karma creek boat rocking out in Chile. This is whitewater kayak that Dane Jackson used to take first place at this year's 2012 Whitewater Grand Prix. Check the video out and then check out a Karma for yourself!

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