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Check out this video of Liquid Logic team member Hunt Jennings tearing up the Little River Canyon (LRC) in Alabama. Hunt really seems to be dialing in his LL Flying Squirrel and this video really shows him utilizing its' great glide coming off flows. Enjoy!

The Substantial Media House guys are back with Episode 10 of their Substantial TV series. This episode is called "Hello Darkness" and highlights whitewater kayaking in the beautiful lands of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Watch amazing footage of the group as they slay some HUGE drops and lay some serious treats. Check it!

So unless you are living in a cave (and maybe even then), you have probably heard about the new Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel coming out. The LL crew were nice enough to bring some to the Ocoee Fest this weekend and I got a chance to take their new creation out for a lap. Read on for our initial review of the LL Flying Squirrel 85.

Dan Boyle brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video of his first decent of class III-IV Wilson's Creek in North Carolina. Looks like a really nice run and gonna have to go hit that ourselves very soon. Lots of great rocks to splat, spin and more. Enjoy.

Vimeo user Logan Carter brings us a nice quick 2 minute whitewater kayaking video shot in the Lower Mainland of BC. In this vid, he shows us how kayaking is a unique and beautiful way to experience the magic of nature and escape from the daily grind. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. Get out and do something!

Shifted Cinema hooked up with the Substantial Media House crew to see what kind of footage they could get with some elite kayakers. Go behind the shot with with them to see how some of the amazing kayaking videos are shot. Insanely cool stuff with some killer technology.

Rodeo has really taken off on the Green River Narrows in Saluda, NC. Doing really really slow laps, lapping all features, and dialing in moves for the Green River Games, etc. Ryan McAvoy brings us an extremely cool whitewater kayaking video showcasing the moves he and friends have been working on. Enjoy!

Wow is all I have to say. So this weekend, Pat Keller and Dane Jackson decided to get a little crazy. I mean, apparently Oceana on the Tallulah is not quite difficult enough for them. So, logically, they both decided to run the middle line and throw in a kickflip for good measure. Check out Dane and Pat Keller's lines in the vids.

The Demshitz are at it again. They are hitting the mid-atlantic states this spring and already have a great whitewater kayaking video for us. Check out a little bit of some downriver freestyle and a whole lot of some great creeking in a variety of different locations including the Tygart, Big Sandy, Bull Run, Deckers and more. Enjoy.

Rafa Ortiz, Dane Jackson, Joel Kowalski and the rest of the crew are back with Michoacan Episode 5. The kayakers search for more new rivers as their expedition draws to a close. Unfortunately, they encounter low water on many of their scouting missions and decide to return to the Rio Hoyo del Aire to finish on a high note.

Whitewater creeking video from Shane Groves for you this morning. After several weeks of sub zero temperatures and cold winter boating, West Virginia got a warm 60 degree weekend. This melted the snow and caused Manns Creek to run for several days. A large group of paddlers joined together to take on 5 miles of the best steep creeking in the state of West Virginia.

Very cool short video from Johann Swart of one of his personal whitewater kayaking highlights. Watch as he takes on a series of drops on the Elands River, aptly named Dante's Inferno. Also, check out the crazy prototype paddle he is using. I don't even know what to think about it...

Rafa, Joel, Dane and the crew continue their Michoacan adventures with Episode 4, Repelling Into Unexplored Rapids. In this episode, after completing the first decent of the Rio Hoyo Del Aire, the boys head to the Rio Cajones in search of technical lines and big waterfalls. With an impossible rock section blocking their entrance, the crew decides to rappel down.

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