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The Demshitz recently decided to go on a kayaking extravaganza. It was a 24 hour day with 3 New York metro area kayaking runs that included Class 5 Popolopen creek, Class 4 Housatonic, and an extreme night time sea kayak circumnavigation of Manhattan Island. 35 miles of kayaking on 5 different rivers in 24 hours. Check it.

One day before class, Colin Hunt, Ty Caldwell, Clay Lucas, and Dylan McKinney decided to take advantage of the rains that Hurricane Frances brought in 2004. They rallied out to slides section of Laurel Creek in North Carolina, near 321, to tackle Trashcan Falls. Some great line and good camera angles. Check it.

Mitch Bearden and Kresh Productions bring us a short video of a great day kayaking the Cascades. The Nantahala Cascades are a classic Class IV-V Southern creek run located in North Carolina. The flow was 410 cfs for this run. Check it.

WeStroke Team Rider Ben Ghertner brings us a video of him doing some kayaking in the Little River Canyon (LRC) in Alabama. He and friends hit the falls, Mammoth and Terminal Eddy in what looks like an awesome day. Even a little bit of carnage thrown in to boot. Check it. 

The guys and gals over at the GDI Facebook group bring us a new video called Telliho. As you might have guessed, it features a bunch of openboaters kicking it on the Tellico River. Very cool stuff and boofs galore. Check it out.

Check out this great video guide to the Tellico from World Kayak ambassador Tommy Clapp. The World Kayak Initiative is doing this with support from GoPro to put together a great resource of POV river guides around the world. So far they have guides from all over the US, Canada, and Japan.

So I found myself looking for some info about the fabeled Stakeout 2 that is supposed to come out at some point in time... Anyway, I stumbled upon this old video and had to post it up. Ben Marr hitting a pretty substantial slide while drinking a beer. Epic.

Check out a great video of some whitewater kayak and canoe action on Dukes Creek near Helen Georgia. Dukes is a tight Class V steep creek and should only be tried by those with the skills. If you do venture out to this run, be respectful and be wary of rangers.

Sperry Top-Sider brings us a cool video showcasing the Jackson family making some tracks as they travel all over the world paddling in some of the most amazing places. Features featuring Dane & Eric kayaking Bear Creek in the Karma, rocking the SUPerCHARGER on the Ocoee River, and then Dane in the Karma Chile for the Whitewater Grand Prix.

Chris Baer, from, brings us another Colombian kayaking video. This time he and friends are on a two day adventure, on the committing Rio Caqueta. Paddlers include Giorgio Codleuppi, Jared Page, Joel Fedak, and Chris Baer. Check it.

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