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Hunter Katich brings us a video of him rocking out in his new Jackson Kayak Star. Hunter recently switched from a Rock Star Small to the new 2013 Star and he's loving it! He says that it is so good that can he perform most of his tricks without a paddle and he backs that claim up in the vid.

Since I'm being nostalgic this morning with looking for info about whether Stakeout 2 will ever come out, posting the Ben Marr beer slide video, etc, I decided I'd post the actual Stakeout video. This is definitely one of my favorite kayaking videos ever and was put together in the spring of 2010 by Joel Kowalski and Rush Sturges. Enjoy!

Check out this video of Max Munchow rocking his Titan playboat in Uganda in 2012. Seems like there are quite a few kayakers heading to Uganda and it is easy to see why. In the one section of the great White Nile, nearly 5300 cubic feet of water per second drop down through 45 miles to give rise to some of the finest white water in the World.

We liked the Barely Legal 2 Trailer from Airborn Athletics that we posted earlier so much, we just had to post the first Barely Legal as well. Once again, this video rocks with some sweet kayaking, good tunes and nice editing. All in some beautiful environments of course. Enjoy.

Wave Sport brings us another helpful instructional video. This one is on how to Airscrew, one of the coolest whitewater freestyle kayaking tricks in the book. The Airscrew is also one of the hardest tricks to land straight and paddler Devyn Scott gives you one super important tip to help you with that.

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