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Check out these freestyle kayaking moves from Vimeo user Dumoulin mathieu. Mathieu is practicing some killer combo moves to prepare for competition in the upcoming 2013 Natural Events, an international outdoor sports and music festival in Millau, France. Judging by the video, he is gonna be tough to beat. Check it.

Check out this freaking awesome video of Wave Sport team paddler Bryan Kirk, produced by Kelsey Thompson. Few people have pursued Whitewater Kayaking for as long with as much passion as Bryan Kirk. Watch Bryan paddle the new Wave Sport carbon playboat on the New River Dries in Fayetteville, West Virginia in 120 FPS. Sick!

Uh-oh. Jackson Kayak is about to announce their newest boat, the 2014 Rock Star! Already an amazing playboat, the new version looks to be shorter (shorter is better) and a bit more slicey. We will know more later this week when the official announcement happens but in the meantime, check out this short clip of Dane killing it!

We get so jealous seeing all of these amazing playspots around the world. Have you ever checked out the Z-dam on the James River in Richmond, VA? Looks like an epic place to practice all of your freestyle moves. Check out this short video of Dr. Kyle Irby as he enjoys this world class destination on a sunny summer day.

It was an epic weekend in Buena Vista, Colorado at the 2013 CKS Paddlefest Freestyle competition. The feature was fairly small and it took a lot of finesse and skill along with power to pull off impressive tricks. The competitors came to throw down though and they posted some HUGE scores including Dane Jackson's record setting 1,900 points! Read on for all of the results.

Something special happened in the freestyle kayaking world this weekend. At the CKS Paddlefest Pro BV Kayaking Comp, Dane Jackson went into absolute beast mode and made history with the first 1900 point ride ever in a competition. Dane was paddling his new composite Star by Murky Waters. Check out his amazing ride.

Kayak the Nile, a kayak school run owned and operated by Sam Ward (GB Team Coach) and Emily Wall (2x British Champion), brings us a promo video with some killer kayaking on the Nile river. The school is located in Bujagali, Uganda and based at the Nile River Explorers campsite. An awesome location to explore the Nile from. Check it.

James "Pringle" Bebbington brings us a quick video of highlights from the Pilzen freestyle event in Czech. Pringle reports that it was a fun, relaxing atmosphere with some great competitors and a tricky hole that requires some unusual techniques. Read on for the results and vid.

Everyone wants to be able to throw a airscrew. It's one of the cooler playboating tricks. Martin Koll gives a step-by-step description of what happens and what has to be done while trying to airscrew. This is a good instructional video, shot on the the two famous waves on the Nile river in Uganda. Follow along and hopefully you won't land on your nose anymore.

Epic TV brings us the first episode of the FRESH series from Airborn Kayaking, featuring big water freestyle kayaking in the Ottawa Valley. Check out some awesome playboating on huge waves such as the Ruins wave, Buseater, and High tension. Epic!

Check out this short edit of 16 year old Titan Athlete Liam Fournier rocking his Titan Kayaks Nemesis playboat in Chile. Amazing scenery, some great freewheels being thrown and a killer soundtrack. If anyone can figure out what song it is, please leave a comment.

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