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2012 ICF Freestyle World Cup Champion Peter Csonka recently tore a pectoral muscle, which has forced him into taking a little down time. We wish him a speedy recovery but in the meantime, check out a cool training video he did of his wife Nina, who is also an accomplished pro kayaker.

This year, WeStroke and friends traveled to the 2013 Alabama Mountain Games. This was our first time to the festival so we didn't know quite what to expect. What we found were a lot of awesome people, some great athlete performances and some wild times. Read on to see all the photos and hear more about our adventure.

Hunter Katich brings us a video of him rocking out in his new Jackson Kayak Star. Hunter recently switched from a Rock Star Small to the new 2013 Star and he's loving it! He says that it is so good that can he perform most of his tricks without a paddle and he backs that claim up in the vid.

Since I'm being nostalgic this morning with looking for info about whether Stakeout 2 will ever come out, posting the Ben Marr beer slide video, etc, I decided I'd post the actual Stakeout video. This is definitely one of my favorite kayaking videos ever and was put together in the spring of 2010 by Joel Kowalski and Rush Sturges. Enjoy!

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