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WeStroke is a labor of love. It's creators are just two regular guys with full-time tech jobs who have a passion for kayaking and all things water-related. How did this all come about you might ask? Well, let us briefly explain.

We found ourselves constantly scouring the Internet trying to find out information about different boats, gear, videos, etc. As far as reviews go, it seemed like there was a real lack of good, insightful articles that would help people make educated buying decisions when purchasing equipment for their sport. So basically we do some of the research for you by buying ALL THE THINGS! Lol, well not really all of it but a serious portion! Then we do real world tests. We are not pro-boaters, just pretty darn good ones so you can get real, down-to-earth information.

Also, we love to watch cool videos. I mean, who doesn't right? Well, there's no real central place to check out all the latest boating videos so we are bringing them all together on one site for your enjoyment.

Well at the risk of getting too long winded, we just want to say thanks for visiting our site. We hope you find it a great asset and an entertaining time just like we do. Please stay tuned and visit us often as we have some REALLY exciting stuff coming down the pipe.

Thanks and see you on the river!

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