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The Backcountry Quilt is Sierra Design’s lightweight alternative to a sleeping bag. I have been looking for other options for my hammock camping, something light weight, long enough for me to get tucked into, and one that is high quality. How will the Backcountry Quilt hold up to my demands? Read on to see what the past year has to say about this quilt!

It’s no secret that here at WeStroke we love hammock camping. So much so that we try to enjoy it year round. However, when it's cool outside your back side is quick to get cold. So what is the best and most comfortable way to keep your hammock warm? Let us introduce you to ENO’s Vulcan Under quilt!

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As avid outdoor people, we always keep an eye out for great alternative lighting solutions. Whether you are kayaking, camping, packing an emergency car kit, etc a good reliable source of light is a must-have. The new MPOWERD Luci inflatable solar light is one of the most innovative and effective multi-use lanterns we have ever seen. Check out our review of it here.

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So we took it upon ourselves to try out all of the ENO Fly's and see how they compared. I know there are other tent tarps out there, but since we already had a few ENO hammocks, we figured we would start with them. ENO has 3 primary hammock tarp designs, the Fast Fly, Pro Fly and the Dry Fly. Read more to check out our review and the differences between them.

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As avid kayakers, we spend a considerable amount of time outdoors camping and the right gear is essential for our excursions. We have discovered that one essential part of our gear, no matter what we are doing, is a hammock. Check out our review of the ENO DoubleNest hammock and Atlas Straps. A comfortable and simple lounging solution.

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Zipper messed up on your tent, sleeping bag, wet suit, jacket, etc? You probably figure your only option is to just throw it away. That's what I thought but I was oh so wrong. FixnZip to the rescue! Read more to find out how this little product saved the day.

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