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Something special happened in the freestyle kayaking world this weekend. At the CKS Paddlefest Pro BV Kayaking Comp, Dane Jackson went into absolute beast mode and made history with the first 1900 point ride ever in a competition. Dane was paddling his new composite Star by Murky Waters. Check out his amazing ride.

The Second Tier of the AWP Whitewater World Series continues this weekend north of Quebec City with the Neilson River Race. The water levels are extremely high so you better put on your big boy pants and get out there and earn some points towards the full series. Watch the teaser video and get your stoke on tomorrow, the 25th!

There is a creek that precariously meanders through the most arduous private property along Lake Superior's North Shore. This river is filled with mystery, from a elusive put in, linked slide to slide to waterfall, a cold dark interior, and blatantly private property at the take out. This is Minnesota's Forbidden Fruit and Chris Baer has tasted it's sweetness.

It's coming. Are you ready? The countdown is on for North Fork Championship II, happening June 6-8, 2013. This is a sick event that brings the best kayakers together to race on some of the world’s most difficult whitewater, the North Fork Payette. Check out the vid and get stoked!

Kayak the Nile, a kayak school run owned and operated by Sam Ward (GB Team Coach) and Emily Wall (2x British Champion), brings us a promo video with some killer kayaking on the Nile river. The school is located in Bujagali, Uganda and based at the Nile River Explorers campsite. An awesome location to explore the Nile from. Check it.

Got another whitewater canoeing video for you. Mark Zakutansky brings us a good one featuring a collection of rivers from Ain't Louis Fest (ALF) 2013, including the Tellico, Watauga, West Prong, Crooked Fork, Eternity Hole, Maury River, and the Tohickon. Be sure to check out the outtakes and Interviews at the end.

Pretty cool promo video from Palm Equipment showcasing their new Palm FX lifejackets. The lifejackets are a brand new design and look pretty bomber. Can't wait to review them. The vid also features Bren Orton killing it in his carbon playboats. Check it.

Steve Yank brings us a great whitewater canoe video. Features some pretty epic moves (seal launch at 56 seconds in), rapids and good times. These open-boaters know how to get down. Check it out.

Chris Campbell brings us a cool video from his trip with friends Matt, Rob, Alex and I headed up to Bottom Moose River in NY for Spring Moosefest. The level was rising during the day, up to about maybe 3.13ft. Looks like a ton of fun with some pretty epic slides.

OGP Productions brings us The Heist. This is an awesome whitewater kayaking video with some SICK paddling by Hunt Jennings. It is a collaboration of footage from his past season in the South East and especially Southeastern waterfalls. You have got to check this out!

James "Pringle" Bebbington brings us a quick video of highlights from the Pilzen freestyle event in Czech. Pringle reports that it was a fun, relaxing atmosphere with some great competitors and a tricky hole that requires some unusual techniques. Read on for the results and vid.

The Ottawa XL went off this weekend with some serious competition amongst the athletes. Kayakers from around the world were fighting for their chance to qualify for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix. The event combined big wave freestyle with a high-water boater-x race. The best overall after the two events qualifies for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix.

The first production Liquid Logic Stinger is out of the aluminum mold and Shane Benedict just had to go get a run in. The production Stinger has been 5 years in the making. Shane said it is awesome. Stiffer, better outfitting, silky smooth shell, bomber security bars, etc.. Shipping in June!

Youtube user Visualol has put together a compilation of what he/she thinks are the world's best kayaking moments. This video was published last year at the end of July so is missing anything since then but I have to say, they did a pretty good job on this video edit. Pure kayaking porn.

French rider Nathan Barier brings us a 05 Outdoor Mix video report. This report just covers the kayak portion of the 05 Outdoor Mix, which is an outdoor festival in France and the first stage of the AWP World Cup! For those who don't know, the AWP World Cup is the World Series of whitewater. Check it.

Kenny Linderman brings us a video of him doing some whitewater kayaking down Wilson Creek in NC while it was running round 0'. Kenny says he ran four laps and had two swims, both of which were at 10 foot falls. He had a great time and will back for retribution soon!

The first episode of the new Serrasolses Bros Productions (SBP) is here! This video features some epic whitewater kayaking on the Baker River, which is the largest river in Chile and offers up some HUGE rapids. Oh, and the scenery, well, it's just amazing. Check it.

Everyone wants to be able to throw a airscrew. It's one of the cooler playboating tricks. Martin Koll gives a step-by-step description of what happens and what has to be done while trying to airscrew. This is a good instructional video, shot on the the two famous waves on the Nile river in Uganda. Follow along and hopefully you won't land on your nose anymore.

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